What Christmas stockings are actually for

Parents often complain about stockings and having to find “stocking stuffers” which need to be small enough to fit in their child’s stocking. I didn’t see the appeal of them at first either.

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Why do I need to give my kid a bunch of little small things that will just wind up forgotten and under the couch anyway?

Well, I’ve finally seen the light.

The magic of stockings

The magic of Christmas stockings - Crappy Pictures
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Stockings are marvelous. They are full of magic — especially for parents. This is why.

On Christmas morning, when the kids wake up way, way, way too early because they are so excited that it is Christmas, you can enlist the help of the stockings.

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Stuff them good

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The more you pack in there the more time the stocking will buy you. And if you individually wrap each item it makes it much more fun for them and lengthens your moments of sleep.

The awesomeness of stockings

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I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be filled with a bunch of junk either. If it is wrapped, it will be fun to open. Some things we’ve done have been oranges, breakfast cereal bars, fruit leathers, other snacks or treats, toothbrush, socks, underwear, pens, markers, crayons and other art supplies and even individually wrapped coins.

In full disclosure, in our family, the kids bring the stockings into our room and open them on our bed so we can watch them open everything. So it’s not exactly sleeping in… but still.

Staying in bed a little bit longer? Best Christmas present ever. Stockings are awesome.


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