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Single moms share: My new year’s resolutions

Single moms face unique challenges. Find out what these single moms have resolved to accomplish in 2014.

As the new year approaches, it’s the perfect time to evaluate goals and reflect on accomplishments. We talked to six single moms to find out what they’ve resolved to do in 2014.

Opening up to love

Magda Pecsenye - Single mom

“I was actually just thinking about how my resolution for a couple years was getting back on my feet, but then last year’s was to be more emotionally open and receptive to love,” says Magda Pecsenye, who writes parenting advice at Ask Moxie, “and how that really worked, so I’m trying to figure out what’s next. I think it means that I need to dig in, to go deeper into emotion and intimacy than I have before.”

Going out

Melissa Ann Singer is a single mom by choice and Senior Editor at Tor Books. Her resolution? “Go out on my own at least once a month, alone or with friends,” she shares. “I’m very bad at that and my daughter is 17!”

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Embracing self

Ali - Single mom

“My resolution is to get myself back — my job, my social life, my own individual self,” says Ali, single mom of four young kids. “I really want to be a present mom for my kids and start letting go of some of the stress, you know? I feel like I have my head in the clouds. I want to feel settled and secure, but I want to provide that for myself, not have to find it through someone else. Just to know I can.”

Finding peace

Karla Campos - Single mom

“I have been a single mom for three years now, I dated one guy but I wasn’t emotionally ready. I thought I was but found out the hard way that I wasn’t,” says Karla Campos, a single mom and media consultant at Social Media Sass. “My new year’s resolution is going to be focusing on me and my well-being, finding people who understand me and are gentle non judgmental types. I think my kids and I really need the peaceful environment next year.”

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Getting away

“Mine is to make regularly getting some time away from the twins, by getting a babysitter, a priority,” says freelancer and mom of three, Terra. “And to make sure that I use some of that time just for me, and some for Zoë and I, and none of it for running errands.”

Working toward goals

Carolyn Edgar - Single mom

Carolyn Edgar is a New York lawyer and writer. “For 2014, I’ve resolved to focus on fitness and health by re-establishing a regular workout plan, get my first print byline and finish the first draft of my novel and memoir (both of which have sat untouched for far too long),” she says.

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