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Masculine-turned-feminine baby names

Baby boy names such as Avery and Dakota are now far more popular for girls. Check out our list of masculine names that have taken a decidedly feminine turn.

Baby girl

Celebrity examples

We can always count on celebrity parents for baby name inspiration — and using boy names for girls is definitely on trend among the rich and famous.

Some celebs paired a masculine first name with a feminine middle name.

  • August Luce: daughter of Oscar Nunez
  • Elliotte Anne: daughter of Marla Sokoloff
  • Gray Audrey: daughter of Jenna Von Oÿ
  • Maxwell Drew: daughter of Jessica Simpson
  • Sage Lavinia: daughter of Jack Huston and Shannan Click
  • Scout Margery: daughter of Kerri Walsh
  • Sterling Diane: daughter of Shannon Miller
  • Wyatt Lilly: daughter of Rachel Uchitel

Others opted to use the boy name in the No. 2 spot. James (or Jaymes) is particularly popular.

  • Autumn James: daughter of Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Ava Jaymes: daughter of A.J. McLean
  • Charlotte Easton: daughter of Rachael Leigh Cook
  • Gloria Ray: daughter of Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Goldie Ryan: daughter of Steve Madden
  • Gracie James: daughter of Ron Livingston
  • Lucy Thomas: daughter of Eli Manning
  • Mabel Ray: daughter of actor Bruce Willis
  • Poppy James: daughter of Jessica Capshaw

Or, give your daughter two masculine names, like country singer Joe Nichols did when he named his baby girl Dylan River.

More boy names to consider for girls

Both trendy and the traditional work for this concept. Some masculine names, such as Charlie, Logan and Tristan, are already commonly used for girls.

  • Aiden — Use this masculine name or something similar, like Caden, Jayden or Hayden.
  • Andrew — Andie and Drew are already girl names, so why not Andrew as well?
  • Mason — This up-and-comer can sound masculine or feminine depending on what it’s paired with.
  • Oliver — Olivia and Olive are already hugely popular, so why not Oliver?
  • Randy — Make this more feminine with an alternative spelling, such as Randee, Randie or Randeigh.

These names, from the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby names for boys, work beautifully for girls as well.

Try them on with your last name to see how they sound!

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