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23 Adorable Stuffed Animals You Can Make for Your Kids

12. Sock cat

Sock cat
Image: Professor Pincushion

Professor Pincushion walks you through how to make this buddy with a super-clever video tutorial.

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13. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fox stuffed animal
Image: Look What I Made

This little bandit fox is much easier to make than he looks. Look What I Made breaks it down for you.

14. Kawaii stuffed animal

Kawaii stuffed animal
Image: TeacupLion/Etsy

For just $12 on TeacupLion’s Etsy, you can download a PDF of the sewing pattern for this über-cute stuffed animal.

15. Bumblebee gurumi

Turtle Amigurumi Pattern
Image: LuvlyGurumi/Etsy

This turtle is totally a crochet craft worth gifting. Buy this pattern and download instantly on Etsy for just $4.

16. Little lion critter

Knitted lion
Image: Ravelry

Another amigurumi pattern, this little lion will speak to so many kids’ hearts. This li’l lion loves to accompany kids on all their travels.

17. Shark bite

crochet shark
Image: Karen’s Knittin’ Crap

Ocean-obsessed kids will enjoy having a tiny shark to play with. Note, though, that this is a pretty advanced pattern. Only tackle it if you’ve got some experience.

18. Mini bears

Image: While She Naps

While She Naps’ pattern is easy to follow, and the outcome is totally precious.

19. Stuffed turtles

stuffed fabric turtles collage
Image: Make It & Love It

Plush and perfect for little hands, these teensy turtles are stuffed with love. Grab the tutorial and go wild with fun fabrics.

20. Sock monkey

sock monkeys
Image: Craft Passion

It’s one of the most popular crafts of the stuffed-animal realm: the sock monkey. Doesn’t every kid need a sock monkey? Probably. Get your free tutorial at Craft Passion.

21. Flying squirrel

Flying squirrel softie
Image: Wild Olive

In just about an hour, you can create your very own soft, huggable flying squirrel. You can find the pattern on Wild Olive.

22. Classic teddy bear

Teddy bear DIY
Image: How Joyful

The O.G. cuddle buddy. How Joyful has a tutorial as well as a pattern.

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23. Elephant softies

Stuffed elephants collage
Image: Craftiness is Not Optional

Create a tiny elephant for a newborn gift — or for your own kid. You can find the tutorial for these elephant softies on Craftiness is Not Optional.

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