Top Rainbow Loom video tutorials

Jan 3, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Stumped when it comes to Rainbow Loom patterns? These tutorials will help you and your child create the most popular designs.

Once you master the basics of creating jewelry with a Rainbow Loom, the possibilities are nearly endless — as long as you have good instructions. To help you and your child come up with cool designs, we've gathered the best Rainbow Loom tutorials on YouTube. Pull out your bands and follow along.

Single chain bracelet


Before you get serious with complicated patterns, make sure you're comfortable using the Rainbow Loom. The single chain bracelet tutorial from Learning Express Toys on YouTube walks you through a basic pattern so you can get familiar with how the Rainbow Loom works. This fairly long tutorial video goes through the process slowly, so even beginners should be able to follow along.

Rainbow ladder bracelet


Now that you've got the basics, it's time to level up.

"My 7-year-old got it for her birthday in September and was on YouTube the next day because she was already bored with the simple version," says Jen, a mom and librarian.

This rainbow ladder bracelet tutorial from Loomenade Bracelets on YouTube is sleek and comes complete with music and a charming young narrator. It's a challenging design, but you can manage it with these comprehensive instructions.

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Triple link bracelet


Master Loomer on YouTube, a young vlogger with a lot of enthusiasm for the Rainbow Loom, has an excellent tutorial for the triple link bracelet. It's a challenging pattern, but he takes you through it slowly and patiently. It's cute to see kids getting into sharing directions with other kids (and adults) with what usually seems to be the help of parents behind the camera.

Starburst bracelet


YouTube Rainbow Loom sensation Ashley Steph has over 6 million hits on this starburst bracelet tutorial. It's an expert pattern, so make sure you've built up a little muscle memory with the loom before you take it on. If your kids are following along, they'll probably have an easier time thanks to their nimble little fingers.

Feather bracelet


Official Rainbow Loom tutorials on YouTube may not be as popular with the kids as the ones produced by big-name vloggers, but they're easy to follow and sleek. The parent-friendly but advanced feather bracelet tutorial uses small illustrations to help offset how massively confusing complicated patterns are.

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Hexafish bracelet


Hexafish is a popular, tubular design. Justin's Toys on YouTube has a fantastic tutorial for making a hexafish bracelet using one loom. While advanced and definitely hard to master, this is a great pattern that gives your kids a crave-worthy bracelet. Just work slowly and carefully. A slipped band can be a disaster with this advanced pattern.

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