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Hip baby names from nature

Giving your baby a name from nature is a wonderful way to share your love of the outdoors with him. Some nature baby names are used often — others, not so much. These baby names, from Mother Nature herself, are a little more off the beaten track.

Trendy baby outdoors

Nature baby names are often unique, with an interesting sound and melody. Some sound hippy-ish, and some are simply hauntingly beautiful.

These baby names are not all easily categorized as either girl or boy names. Some, like Ivy, are more girly, but Sage would make a great name for a boy or a girl. Still others, like Forest, are usually given to boys, but there is no reason it has to be a boy name. Some of these baby names can give a fun lift to a family or traditional first name. If you’d like to liven up a baby’s full name, but are determined to give him the first name Matthew after his father, these hip nature baby names would work really well as a middle name choice. What about Matthew Fox, or Anna River? Your baby is yours to name, and these choices are calling you.

Hip baby names from greens

Baby names inspired by plant life often work well for both boys and girls. From trees to flowers to blades of greenery, try one of these baby names.

Hip baby names from animals

Are you a lover of animals? These baby names remind us of our feathered and furry friends, and can make for a really unique baby name. Whether you pick one for your baby’s first name or think it would work as a good middle name, check out these really unique and fun baby names.

  • Avis
  • Dove
  • Feather
  • Fox

Hip baby names from the earth

The planet itself is a great source of baby name inspiration. The wide, expansive and impressive features of some of our favorite areas often evoke names that can really motivate the baby naming process.

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