These creative maternity photos will totally make you do a double take

10. Ballerina baby

Ballerina maternity photo
Image: Michael Kormos Photography

“Our babies inspire us even before they’re born. This mommy-to-be hadn’t been on point for 10 years, but she was determined to try again as a special gift to her little girl,” said Sophie Kormos of Michael Kormos Photography. “I’m sure this image will hold a special place in Mommy’s heart, as well as her little ballerina’s.”

11. Fifty shades of… pregnant?

Fifty Shades of maternity photos
Image: Lisolette Gilcrest/Wicked Talent

This expecting couple was ready to prove that just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you still can’t be kinky! This Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired maternity photo is not for the timid — and let’s hope the baby never gets a look at this picture once he’s older, because that could get a little awkward.

12. WTH maternity photo

Funny maternity photo
Image: Awkward Family Photos

We aren’t sure what inspired this expecting mom to wrap herself up in a white trash bag and strike this awkward pose… but we are sure glad she did! We can’t stop looking — and giggling.

13. Yep, I’m huge

Funny Maternity photos
Image: Cool Digital Photography

In case you didn’t already feel huge, this hilarious maternity photo would do the trick! The dad looks tiny as he stands in the distance with his hands up to Mom’s “due any minute” baby bump.

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14. Blooming flower baby

Painted Baby Bump
Image: Zorz Studios

This mom turned her body into a blooming flower, courtesy of body painter Anastasia Durasova. Her baby bump is truly a work of art!

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