These creative maternity photos will totally make you do a double take

5. “Fur baby” approves

Dog pregnancy photo
Image: microwave20/Reddit

You might have to do a double and triple take on this one, but it’s truly one of our favorites. If your pet is like a member of the family, then this creepy side paw makes for the perfect new family picture.

6. Totally owning it

Proud papa
Image: christienugent/Instagram

There’s nothing that screams “proud papa” (besides handing out cigars in the waiting room) like taking credit for your handiwork. With a big and beautiful belly that seems almost ready to pop, we’re going to say — job well done.

7. Air pump baby

Funny maternity photos
Image: Patrice Laroche/Facebook

Photographer Patrice Laroche had fun in this series of maternity photos with the mother of his child, Sandra, as he documented her pregnancy as he “pumped” up her growing baby bump until… poof! Their baby daughter Justine arrived! This is such a fun way to capture each stage of the pregnancy!

8. Mommy mermaid

This is such a gorgeous shot of a pregnant mom underwater, with the silhouette of her baby bump framed against the blue water. I’m not only impressed that she was able to maintain this pose in the water, but how did she keep her face from looking scrunched up and weird? Perhaps she really is a Mommy Mermaid…

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9. Brr baby! Cool Alaska maternity photos

Alaska Maternity photo
Image: Zorz Studios

These maternity photos are gorgeous — and we have to give serious props to the expecting mom who bared (almost) all in the snowy landscape in Alaska. “Everyone worked in tandem: One person was handling the flash, someone would keep her wrapped in coats while I was testing the lights and composition, another person would give fabrics a flow, and once everything was ready for a scene, I’d give a signal to reveal the mom,” said Ed Hafizov, creative director and photographer at Zorz Studios. “I shot for about 10 to 20 seconds, then she was wrapped up again and given a hot drink from a thermos while I was analyzing the output or preparing to the next scene.”

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