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These creative maternity photos will totally make you do a double take

Taking maternity photos is the perfect time to reinvent the wheel. Meaning, while you’re definitely going to cherish a beautiful shot of you, your partner and your baby belly, your friends and family are probably also going to get a kick out of a few weirdly candid snaps mixed in.

Whether you’re pregnant or just need a good laugh, our fave over-the-top maternity shots can give you some inspiration. Because having a baby doesn’t have to be so serious:

1. Push it real good

Push pregnancy photo
Image: Chira/Imgur

Is she practicing her push face, or is she just sick of standing in a field all day? Either way, we love this mom-to-be’s commitment to character.

2. “Barely” pregnant

Barely pregnant
Image: sydneymoyer/Reddit

Call it brave, or call it disturbing, but this couple has some cojones. Normally, the mom is the one who has to take it all off for the pregnancy photo shoot (for the sake of the art), so we appreciate this dad pitching in.

3. The most sympathetic of pregnancies

Sympathetic pregnancy
Image: somethingbeautifulphotosnc/Instagram

Speaking of dads who are all in, this dad appears to be totally supportive of his partner’s pregnancy — so much so that he’s upstaging her in the maternity photo shoot. Hey, the only thing that’s going to get you through parenting in one piece is keeping your sense of humor.

4. A word of warning

Watermelon seeds
Image: themodestbump/Instagram

Wise words — and a super adorable pregnancy announcement, if we ever saw one. But really, better safe than sorry.

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