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Serious baby names for boys and girls

Forget cute and sweet baby names — these monikers are no-nonsense. If you’re searching for a studious and serious name for your baby boy or girl, look no further.

Serious baby names

These baby names will not win any cute baby name awards. This doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive — just that they’re not super cutesy. These names, for both boys and girls, are more classic and traditional than they are modern and trendy. These names mean business, and by that, we mean they will work well not only on Baby’s birth certificate, but on a college application and a resume.

Show the world that you mean business when you choose one of these serious baby names. These names are rock solid, and many have the potential for more child-like nicknames if you so desire. This will leave the more studious full name for adult use when your baby grows up, so it’s like two names in one. Middle names are easy for these serious baby names — traditional family middle names, like Ann or Lee, work well here, but you can also inject a little more modern levity into a middle name, like Brinley or Drake.

While serious, these names are not boring at all. Which ones appeal to you?

Serious baby names for boys

  • Arthur: Celtic name from legendary King of Britain
  • Benjamin: A Hebrew name, this means “son of the right hand”
  • Byron: An Old English name, this means “at the byres”
  • Davis: Meaning “son of David,” this name has Old English roots
  • Edward: This classic name means “wealthy guard”
  • Harrison: As you might guess, this means “son of Harry”
  • James: Meaning “he who supplants,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Kent: A short, singular name, this means “edge”
  • Lawson: This Old English name means “son of Lawrence”
  • Lincoln: This strong name means “lake colony”
  • Marshall: With Old French origins, this means “caretaker of horses”
  • Miles: Meaning “soldier,” this name has Latin roots
  • Porter: This is an occupational name meaning “gatekeeper”
  • Quentin: This Latin name means “fifth”
  • Reed: Meaning “red,” this name has Old English origins
  • Russell: This name has a similar meaning — “little red”
  • Stanley: A place name, this means “stony meadow”
  • Troy: An Irish name meaning “descendant of the foot soldier”
  • Wesley: Another place name, this means “western meadow”
  • William: An Old German name, this means “protection”

Serious baby names for girls

  • Bethany: This Hebrew name means “house of figs”
  • Caroline: An Old German name, this means “free man”
  • Charlotte: French, feminine version of Charles
  • Corinne: This Greek name means “maiden”
  • Diane: Meaning “divine,” this name has Latin origins
  • Elizabeth: This timeless Hebrew name means “God’s promise”
  • Ellen: A Greek name, this means “sun ray”
  • Katherine: Meaning “pure,” this Greek name has loads of nickname possibilities
  • Kimberly: This is a place name — its meaning is “Cyneburg’s field”
  • Laura: This name comes from the laurel plant
  • Lillian: A Latin name, this means “lily”
  • Mallory: Despite its meaning (“unlucky”), this name is a good choice
  • Margaret: This classic name means “pearl”
  • Marilyn: An English name, this means “star of the sea” combined with the suffix -lyn
  • Morgan: Meaning “circling the sea,” this name has Welsh roots
  • Nora: Originally a short form of Eleanora
  • Rachel: Meaning “ewe,” this name has Biblical origins.
  • Sage: This Latin name means “wise, healthy”
  • Sloane: An Irish name, this means “warrior”
  • Victoria: Meaning “victory,” this is the feminine form of Victor

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