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Rowdy names for baby boys

These baby names for boys are of the rowdier sort! They are not exactly charming or super classic — these are action names that have a jaunty feel to them. Some are common, some are unique… but they all portray that rough-and-tumble image.

Rowdy baby boy names

Are you looking for a baby boy name that sounds as cute and active as you envision he will be? You’ve come to the right place! These names are often short and to the point, and have a snappy, electric feel to them.

Some we’ve picked from popular action movies, others just sound like they simply fit the bill. Short and catchy, cool and exciting — it’s all here.

Middle names?

What middle name would you pair with these? Here is a good spot for a much-loved family name, such as James or John. It can balance the name out while reflecting your family tree. If these names are too strong for consideration for your baby’s first name, many would make excellent choices for a middle name — giving his whole name a cool kick right in the middle.

No matter what name you choose, it will suit your boy. Which ones are your favorites?

Rowdy names for baby boys

  • Blade: This name understandably means “knife, sword”
  • Blaze: This Latin name means “stutter”
  • Bruce: Originally a Scottish surname
  • Buck: A word meaning male goat or deer, sounds robust
  • Chance: Meaning “good fortune,” this name has Middle English roots
  • Dalton: This means “from the valley town” and has Old English roots
  • Felix: A Latin name, this means “fortunate”
  • Finn: Meaning “fair,” this name has Gaelic roots
  • Jericho: An Arabic name, this means “city of the moon”
  • Kai: Meaning “keeper of the keys,” this name has Welsh roots
  • Keegan: An Irish name that means “small flame”
    • March: This Old French name means “borderland”
  • Max: Short for several names, makes an awesome given name
  • Reeve: Meaning “bailiff,” this name has Middle English origins
  • Roarke: A Gaelic name, this means “champion”
  • Rocky: Nickname for the Italian name Rocco
  • Rory: This Irish name means “red king”
  • Rush: Meaning “dweller by the rushes,” this name has Old English roots
  • Springer: This Middle English name means “to jump or leap”
  • Swithin: This Old English name means “quick, strong”
  • Tyson: An Old French name, this means “high-spirited”
  • Ving: This zippy name is inspired by actor Ving Rhames
  • Wilder: A German name, this means “hunter”

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