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4 Fun holiday place card projects

From edible candy cane holders to tiny pop-up trees, we found four fun holiday place card projects you can make with your kids!

Terra-cotta Santa treats

Terra cotta Santa treats - Holiday place card holder

These little Santa hat place card holders are absolutely adorable. While this place card project might require a few more supplies, it takes only a little time to make.


  • Mini terra-cotta pots
  • White and red paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Treats


  1. Paint your miniature pot to resemble a Santa hat with white on the top and red on the base. If you plan on using outdoor paint to get the best finish, make sure they’re absolutely dry and consider lining your pot with wax paper or white napkins before placing treats inside.
  2. Once your pot is dry, fill it up with brownies, chocolates or candies.
  3. Next, top it with your guest’s name on a card that you personally write. For this one, we used a chalkboard place card and chalk.

3-D paper Christmas trees

3-D paper Christmas tree - Holiday place card holder

These sweet little 3-D Christmas trees are easy to make and require very few supplies.


  • Craft paper (in a single shade, or mix colors and patterns)
  • Glue
  • Kid-friendly scissors


  1. Simply hand-draw a tree and a star, or print one of each from online to use as a template. Use your template to cut out 2 trees and the star on your craft paper.
  2. Next, cut a slit on one tree from the top to about halfway down. Then, cut a slit on the other tree from the bottom to about halfway up.
  3. Slide the 2 trees together so they intersect, using the slits you just made. Write your guest’s name or initial on the star, then glue that on top of your tree and you’re ready to go!

Sit and share candy cane place cards

Sit and share candy can place cards

Try these candy cane place cards holders to give your guests an opportunity to go down memory lane.


  • Standard-sized candy canes
  • Yarn, twine or tape
  • Card stock or pre-printed cards with prompts


  1. Grab 6 candy canes, flip them upside down and position them on your work surface so the six canes create three legs (with two canes per leg).
  2. Tie the bunch together so they all stay in place.
  3. Drop in a place card that encourages your guests to share.
  4. Use a preprinted card or handwrite a prompt, like “My Favorite Christmas Memories”, “Favorite Christmas Toy”… and more.

Simple, sparkly place card holders

Sparkly holiday place card holders

These are almost too easy to be true. Shop the floral department in your local craft store or wherever you’d typically find silk flowers and faux floral accents. Around the holidays, these sections are usually filled with glitter-topped floral accent pieces. I found these silver and gold bundles at Michaels ($2).


  • Glittery floral accents
  • Wire cutters
  • Place cards
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Using wire cutters, clip the pieces so you have enough to create a small bundle and still have enough stem left to manipulate as needed. You can tie a few pieces together at the stems if you need a bigger bundle.
  2. Bend the stems back and use them as a leveler until your bundle is in the position you want.
  3. Drop in your place card and if needed, glue it to the arrangement with a drop of hot glue.
Image credit: Jennifer Chidester

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