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DIY photo snow globe in a jar

If your kids love snow they can enjoy snow every day by making a snow globe in a jar — complete with their own photo!

DIY snow globe craft


  • Waterproof smooth-sided jar
  • Laminated photo
  • White Styrofoam
  • Cheese grater
  • Hot glue gun
  • Snowflake buttons
  • Pen (optional)



Cut out the photo

DIY snow globe craft - Cut out photo

Cut out and laminate a photo of your child. Make sure the photo is small enough to fit inside the jar. Once the photo is laminated, cut out around the edge of the photo, leaving about 1/8-inch laminated border around the photo.


Mark the lid

DIY snow globe craft - Mark the lid

If you want a particular part of glass to be in the front of the snow globe, mark the back of the lid with a marker. After you add the photo and screw on the lid, the photo will be facing the right direction.


Glue in the photo

DIY snow globe craft - Glue in the photo

Put a thick line of hot glue on the inside of the jar lid. Set the bottom of the picture in the hot glue and hold it in place until the glue firms up.


Grate Styrofoam

DIY snow globe craft - Grate Styrofoam

To make the snow, grate the Styrofoam on a cheese grater. You will want to grate about 1 to 2 tablespoons of snow.


Fill the jar

DIY snow globe craft - Add wter

Carefully fill the jar up with water.


Add the snow

DIY snow globe craft - Add the snow

Drop in the snowflake buttons and sprinkle in the Styrofoam snow.


Screw on the lid

DIY snow globe craft - Screw on the lid

Screw the lid on with the picture attached, then give the snow globe a shake to watch the snow fall!

Image credit: Amy Vowles

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