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DIY Holiday sew-man

Holiday crafts needn’t be complicated to be fun. With just a basic blanket stitch, some colorful felt and a handful of simple adornments, your little ones can create this fun holiday snowman.

Sew-man snowman craft

It doesn’t matter where you live, winter just isn’t winter without snowmen. With just a handful of readily-available supplies and a child assistant, you can create these felt snowmen in about an hour. Not only do they make perfect decorations for the Christmas tree, but they’re an adorable final touch on a beautifully wrapped holiday gift.


Sew-man snowman craft materials

  • 1 sheet of plain white paper
  • White felt
  • Brown felt
  • Several cotton balls (or the equivalent amount of polyester fiberfill)
  • Holiday ribbon
  • Embroidery floss in a color that compliments your holiday ribbon
  • Miniature pom-poms that coordinate with your holiday ribbon and embroidery floss
  • Craft glue
  • Black fabric marker
  • Orange fabric marker
  • A child assistant



Create the template

Sew-man snowman craft template

Have your child draw a snowman onto the white paper and then have him cut it out to create the template.


Cut out the snowman

Sew-man snowman craft

Using the template, your child should trace two snowmen onto the white felt with a pencil and then cut the snowmen out.


Stitch the front and back together

Stitch together sew-man snowman craft

With wrong sides of the felt placed together, have your child blanket stitch the front to the back, until you have just an inch-long opening along the top of the snowman.


Stuff the snowman

Stuff the snowman craft

Ask your assistant to stretch out the cotton balls to create a batting for the inside of the snowman. (You can also use polyester fiberfill if you have it on hand. Since I didn’t and I only needed a bit, I used cotton balls instead.) Stuff the snowman with the cotton balls.


Attach the ribbon

Sew-man snowman craft - Attach the ribbon

Insert the ribbon, creating a loop for hanging. Finish stitching the snowman up, securing the ribbon in place. Set snowman aside.


Make the scarf

Sew-man snowman craft - Make the scarf

Using the craft glue, have your child create a scarf by gluing the pom-poms together, end-to-end.


Add the face

Sew-man snowman craft - Add the face

Have your child use the black fabric marker to draw eyes and a mouth onto the snowman, and the orange fabric marker to draw on a nose. Once the glue on the scarf has dried, add a few spots of glue to attach the scarf around the snowman’s neck. Allow the glue to dry completely before hanging.

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