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Names for your baby’s future career

Will your child be a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker? Perhaps it depends on the baby name!

Some experts suggest that the name you give your child determines his or her destiny… that some names are more likely to ensure success than others. We’re not here to debate that. Instead, we’re taking a look at baby names that were inspired by specific trades or talents.

Many years ago, surnames were based on a man’s profession. Smith, for example, might be a shortened version of blacksmith, which was someone who worked with iron. But it might also be a variation of a whitesmith, silversmith, coppersmith and so on.

So why not apply the same practice to forenames as well? These career-minded monikers don’t determine your child’s future — but they sure are fun!

Career baby names for boys

  • Archer: A master of the bow and arrow — use Archie as a nickname
  • Baker: One who bakes
  • Chandler: The head of chandlery (candles, soap) in medieval households — nickname Chad
  • Cooper: A maker of barrels
  • Fisher: A fisherman
  • Fletcher: One who makes arrows or darts
  • Gardner: The caretaker of grounds and gardens

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  • Hunter: One who hunts
  • Marshall: Derived from mare skalkoz, or horse servant
  • Mason: A craftsman who works with stones or bricks
  • Piper: A player of the bagpipes — use this name for a boy or a girl
  • Porter: A doorkeeper or gatekeeper or one who carries things
  • Ranger: One who oversees and protects or one who wanders
  • Sailor: A seafarer who navigates and assists with water vessels — the name of Christie Brinkley’s daughter
  • Sawyer: One who cuts lumber or saws wood

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  • Slater: A tradesman who covers buildings with slate
  • Tanner: One that tans animal hides
  • Taylor: A spelling variation of tailor, a clothes maker — suitable for boys and girls alike
  • Thatcher: Someone who thatches or repairs roofs
  • Turner: A person who uses a lathe
  • Weaver: Someone who weaves fabric
  • Wheeler: One who makes wheels

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