DIY ornament picture frames

Dec 6, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET

An ordinary Christmas ornament is no match for the beauty of your child's adorable smile.

Freeze frame!
Christmas ornament frame

Now you can frame that cheesy grin and hang it on your Christmas tree for an eye-catching conversation piece that will rival any ornament frame you can buy from the store.

Sure, you can spend $10 to $20 on an ornament picture frame that will showcase your family on this season's Christmas tree. But why? We spoke with Stacy at She's {kinda} Crafty to hear her step-by-step instructions for a unique DIY ornament frame that's simple, inexpensive and absolutely charming. Hang this frame on your tree or wrap it up for a delightful homemade gift.


  • Miniature ornaments (at least 2 sizes)
  • Small wooden ring from floral aisle
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Photograph
  • Matching ribbon
  • Tape



Get prepared

Fire up your glue gun on a low setting, and allow the gun to heat properly before starting. While the glue gun is heating, remove all of your ornaments from their packaging for easy access. Remove the little metal tops from each ornament, so that only the ball part of the ornament remains.


Glue on your anchor ornaments

Squirt a large dollop of hot glue onto the wooden ring, and firmly place one of your larger ornaments onto the hot glue. Make sure that the spherical portion of the ornament is facing up. Continue this process until you've placed these "anchor" ornaments around the entire wooden ring. You'll still see the wooden ring after you're done with this step, but the process of attaching the anchor ornaments will allow you to attach additional ornaments on top of the bottom layer.


Attach additional large ornaments

Using your hot glue gun, begin to attach additional large ornaments to the anchor ornaments. These ornaments may touch the wooden ring if necessary, but you may find that you only need to attach them to the anchor ornaments with the hot glue.


Fill in the gaps

Use the smaller ornaments to fill in any gaps that exist between the larger ornaments. You'll attach these small ornaments by hot gluing them to the anchors.


Loop and glue ribbon

Once all of your ornaments are firmly attached to the ring, flip the wooden ring over. Cut your matching ribbon so it's 8 to 10 inches long. Squirt some more hot glue on the back of the wooden ring, loop the ribbon and place it onto the hot glue. Carefully press down on the ribbon so it can attach to the glue, being careful not to burn yourself.


Affix photograph

Select the photograph you'd like to use, and cut it into a 4-inch square. Use tape to affix the photograph to the back of the wooden ring. The tape will allow you to switch out the photograph without damaging the ring or the picture. If you're sure you'll want to keep the same photo year after year, however, you can glue the photo to the ring instead.

Image courtesy of She's {kinda} Crafty

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