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81 Celebrity Baby Boy Names We Love — From Hipster to All-American

If there’s one thing celebrities are good at, it’s having adorable babies (with ridiculously good genes) and giving them adorable names to match. And when it comes to baby boys bred from A-list stars, there’s a name trend for everyone — whether your style leans surfer, hipster, cowboy or somewhere in between.

Yup, it’s a celeb baby name bonanza! We rounded up the coolest celebrity baby boy names we’re loving these days.

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Tough baby names

Are you looking for a tough-sounding celebrity baby boy name for your little one? These names have a swagger about them that will make your kid feel as cool as he is. Many of these famous boy names are totally unique as well as easy to spell and pronounce.

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Hipster names

You’re likely asking, “Who says hipster anymore?” You’re right; being called a hipster is a thing of the past, but you can’t deny what a hipster name sounds and looks like. When we say “hipster,” we mean unique and borderline preppy — and never too trendy or cheesy. Despite the hipster phase seemingly fading out, these baby names are still in. Here are some of our favorites.

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A version of this article was originally published in December 2013.

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