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5 Tips to be the best football mom

Be the best football mom you can be!

Football mom hugging son

Move over, Dad. Moms are making their way into the world of football. If your child decides to play the sport, there’s no reason you can’t participate. Indianapolis Colts quarterback and Quaker Oats spokesperson, Andrew Luck, shares the following five tips on how to be the best football mom.


Get moving

“It’s easier to learn football when you’re actually playing it,” says Luck.

Use your free time to get outdoors and play the game together. Whether you’re heading to a local park or field or just tossing the ball in your own backyard, it’s important to let your child get a feel for the game.


Catch a game

“Let them experience the sport directly from the stands. Talk them through the game to get them familiar with the rules and build excitement,” Luck adds.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in the stands cheering your children on, but there’s nothing like sitting right beside them and rooting for your favorite team. Make time to take them to a football game, whether it’s your local high school team or their favorite NFL team.


Start early

“Being a professional athlete is hard work, but with practice, determination and a healthy and active lifestyle, you can help your kids enjoy playing football or any sport,” says Luck.

As soon as your kids start exhibiting an interest in a sport, look for local clubs and leagues to help them explore and pursue their interest.


Stay fueled

“It’s important to eat right and encourage your family to fuel up with nourishing foods that help provide the energy they want to get through the school day and after-school activities,” says Luck. “I like to start my packed day off with a wholesome, hearty breakfast like Quaker Oatmeal and milk.”

No matter what sport they play, your kids need to maintain healthy diets to stay properly fueled.


Have fun

“Remember that whether or not your kids want to become pro athletes, having fun is the best part of playing sports,” says Luck.

Football is all about having fun, so don’t leave that part out!

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