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Baby names from candle scents

Inspiration for a baby’s name can come from anywhere — even from your favorite candle scents. Prepare to be mesmerized with these sweetly-smelling baby names for your boy or girl.

Newborn baby

Baby names from candle scents? While that may sound silly or weird, we’ve combed through some of the more popular candle makers to find scent names that would make excellent names for babies. And after perusing our list, you will likely agree that many of these are good choices.

Inspiration for baby names

Baby name inspiration can come from anywhere. If you’ve exhausted all of the usual channels, you might find yourself reading product names, ingredient lists and newspaper stories for ideas. The good news is that there are easier places to find the perfect name to bestow upon your little one.

There are plenty of good possibilities from popular candle companies such as Yankee Candle and Colonial Candle. These names were plucked from longer titles, such as Autumn Wreath or Over the River, and while many would make great names for girls, there appear to be less that might be chosen for a baby boy. However, there are names here that could go either way — Sage, Cedar and River are names that would be suitable for boys as well as girls.

You’ll find most of these names to sound sweet and refreshing, and it’s no wonder — many of these names come from fruit, seasons, flowers or other heady scents.

Looking for a good middle name for these choices? Since most of these names are effervescent and airy, they would pair very well with singular, no-nonsense middle names, such as June or Drake.

Baby names from candle scents

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