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3 Simple tips to being the best mom, partner and self

Moms everywhere know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with our daily tasks. It is challenging to take care of ourselves while meeting all of the needs of our children and our partners.

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Contributed by Latham Thomas

It may feel counter-intuitive to put yourself first. However, taking time for you helps to recharge your batteries and ultimately makes you happier, more patient and grounded as a mom and partner.

Try these three simple tips to help you stay connected to yourself and become the best mom, partner and powerful woman you can be.

Pamper yourself with glow time

Take a hot bath, get a manicure, have a massage, splurge on a new purse or indulge in some of your favorite chocolates. Life is meant to be savored! Spoiling yourself in these little but meaningful ways reminds us at a core level that we deserve pleasure — it’s our birthright. It’s amazing how sometimes just spritzing on a new perfume and getting a blowout can change your entire mood.

Make time for learning

Whether it’s taking a continuing education class at a local university or picking up a new book from the library, keeping our minds active is so important. Finding the time to learn is the challenge for many. PopExpert, an online education platform, connects people with thousands of teachers online. They do this through webcam sessions and offer everything from ukulele lessons to nutrition support to gardening. I’m one of the many experts offering valuable services to people like you on the site. I love being able to reach so many people all over the country. Whatever you may choose to learn, expanding your mind is critical to healthy self-development.

Love exercise

We all know that exercise increases endorphins. It’s easy for moms, and especially new moms, to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to move a little. With so much pressure to get back your “pre-baby body,” working out often becomes a chore. Why not do something where you are moving but that’s fun too? It may be a long hike, rollerblading through the park or a Zumba class. Listen to a good audio book or inspiring music while you’re sweating it out. Focus on feeling your best.

All in all, taking time to self-improve, exercise and even pamper ourselves isn’t selfish. These things keep us happy and energized — just what we need in order to do our best in every aspect of our lives.

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What keeps you grounded and blossoming into your best self?

About the author:

Mama Glow

Latham Thomas, HHC, RYT, is a maternity lifestyle maven and author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy. A graduate of Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Latham is the founder of Mama Glow — a holistic lifestyle hub for women to explore optimal well-being. Her practice provides support to pre/postnatal women along their journey to motherhood offering culinary and nutritional services, yoga and birth coaching services.

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