6 Easy menorah crafts for kids

Help your child make her own menorah this Hanukkah season. We’ve rounded up easy, cute crafts to make with your child.

As Hanukkah approaches, take on one of these kid-friendly menorah crafts. These crafts range from Hanukkah decor to functional menorahs you can light with your child. Celebrate the festival of lights with a craft the entire family can enjoy together.


Plaster mosaic menorah

Plastic mosaich menorah - Hanukkah crafts

Image credit: The Magnifying Glass

Lucia from Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish is raising kids in a multicultural family. When her family lived in Sicily, they collected many tile shards. To create a lasting keepsake, Lucia helped her kids create a mosaic menorah. You can recreate this craft using glass beads or smooth rocks. Learn how to make Lucia’s menorah craft at The Magnifying Glass.


Wooden spool menorah

Wooden spool menorah - Hanukkah crafts

Image credit: Total City Girl

Create colorful, flame-free menorahs for your children using wooden spools and paint. “This is a fun craft for kids of all ages,” says Stacey. “I’ve done it with kids ranging in age from 4 to 12 and they all had fun. I also like that it is safe since you don’t use real flames.” Learn how to make Stacey’s menorah craft at Total City Girl.


Glitter rhino menorah

Glitter rhinestone menorah - Hanukkah crafts

Image credit: Aunt Peaches

Looking for a menorah craft a tween girl would adore? “I love making this craft because it’s a new and whimsical take on an old and sacred tradition,” says Amanda. “If you ask me, the best sorts of crafts require being resourceful and using whatever bits you have on hand to make something completely new — in a way, that’s the story of Chanukah as well.” Learn how to make Amanda’s menorah craft at Aunt Peaches.


Paper roll menorah

Toilet paper roll menorah - Hanukkah crafts
Image credit: Leah’s Thoughts

Preschoolers always enjoy painting paper rolls. “I loved making this menorah craft with my daughter because it’s simple, creative and can be made with things around the house that we would otherwise recycle — we all have toilet paper rolls!” says Leah. “It’s a great project that helps us get into the Hanukkah spirit!” Learn how to make Leah’s craft at Leah’s Thoughts.


Large felt menorah

Felt wall menorah - Hanukkah crafts

Image credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Using easy to find materials, create a large menorah kids can help “light” during Hanukkah. “I love this craft because it’s a great way to get my kids involved and excited about Hanukkah while also teaching basic counting skills,” says Sarah. Learn how to make Sarah’s craft at Repeat Crafter Me.


Clothespin menorah

Clothespin menorah - Hanukkah crafts

Image credit: Scrumdilly-do

This slightly more challenging craft is excellent for older children who are interested in learning basic sewing skills. The resulting clothespin menorah is a beautiful keepsake or gift. Learn how to make Jessica’s craft at Scrumdilly-do.

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