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Homemade gifts preschoolers can make for grandparents

We feel the best gifts are those that come from the heart. But for grandparents, the best gifts are those that come from the hearts and hands of their beloved grandchildren. Help your child make a keepsake your own parents will never forget.

Artwork candle

Artwork candle

Grandparents’ faces will light up when they use this homemade candle that’s adorned with their grandchildren’s own artwork! Laura of Come Together Kids created this unique way to preserve kids’ artwork and make it a gift that keeps on giving! Using a few simple materials (from the dollar store, even!), your kids can give this simple and sentimental gift, too. Click here for Laura’s full tutorial and to see the impressive final product.

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Nonedible gingerbread house

Non-edible gingerbread house

Instead of having your kids make a sticky gingerbread house full of sugary candy, have them create this nonedible gingerbread house by Jessica of BabbaCo so their grandparents can display it in their homes for years to come! Using just a few things you probably already have around the house (paper bags and old cereal boxes, anyone?), your little ones can make this cute gift for their grandparents. Click here for the full tutorial.

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Hand-stitched nativity kit

Hand-stitched nativity kit

This kit from The Posy Collection allows children to color a nativity scene and have an adult (the grandparents for whom the gift is intended, perhaps?) stitch the figures to complete the scene. This set serves as not only a gift but also a chance for your preschoolers and their grandparents to bond as they discuss the story of Christmas while creating their own nativity scene. Click here for more information.

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Popsicle-stick picture frame

Popsicle-stick picture frame

The Popsicle-stick picture frame is a classic preschooler DIY gift that grandparents will love — especially when the frame holds a picture of their precious grandchildren! Jessica of BabbaCo reminds us of the charm of a Popsicle picture frame with her simple tutorial (see link below).

This DIY project can be used to create gifts any time of year — simply switch up the colors and add ribbon or any extra materials you have around the house (loose buttons, glitter, sequins etc.) to suit the holiday or occasion. If you attach a piece of yarn to either side of the top of the frame and then tie the ends together, the grandparents can use the frame as a Christmas-tree ornament, or they can glue magnets to the back so they can display the frame on the fridge. Click here for Jessica’s step-by-step instructions.

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