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Finger-painting crafts kids will love

Getting messy during a project practically ensures that your kids will love it. We adore these blogger-created crafts, and we know your kids will, too.

Fingerprint bookmarks

Fingerprint bookmarks

By using just their fingerprints, your kids can create these adorable caterpillar bookmarks that are both fun and functional. Molly of Just a Little Creativity created this idea for her little one who loves to color and paint — and who is also really into bugs, insects and the like. With just a few materials and a little time, you can help your kids create these cute creature bookmarks, too. Click here for Molly’s full tutorial and more pictures.

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Five little firefighters

Five little firefighters

Betsy of Tippytoe Crafts was inspired by another blog to create this handprint craft to help her kids learn the important role of firefighters. The charm of this craft is not only the child’s handprint as the basis of the artwork but also the hand-drawn faces. The craft accompanies a poem called “Five Little Firefighters.” You can type the words to the poem and affix it to the craft as well.

“Five Little Firefighters”

Five little firefighters sleeping in a row,
Ring goes the bell, down the pole they go.
They jump on the engine and put out the fire,
Now they’re back home but they sure are tired.

Click here for the how-to.

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Roar-some dinosaurs

Roar-some dinosaurs

Amanda from Handprint & Footprint Art got the idea for this handprint dinosaur from an art project that her son did in his preschool class. Let your child get crafty by choosing the color of the construction paper for the body of the dinosaur and even the colors of the handprint “spikes.” Click here for the simple instructions.

Thumbprint tree painting

Thumbprint tree painting

Molly of Just a Little Creativity turned her children’s thumbprints into a beautiful and modern piece of art that anyone would love to display in their home. Make this with your kids and have a colorful and beautiful memento to hang in your home for many years to come. To create this modern-art tree, follow Molly’s instructions over on her blog. Just click here.

3-D finger-paint art

3-D Finger paint art

Amanda of Crafts -N- Things for Children helped her then–16-month-old create this 3-D finger-painting project, and she holds it near and dear to her heart to this day. Introduce your kids to art at an early age through fun finger-painting projects like this one. Click here for Amanda’s how-to instructions.

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