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Designing a winter white nursery

It won’t be long until you can’t let your child anywhere near anything that’s the color white, so you might as well go for it now, while they’re still tiny… and less messy! Create a winter white-inspired nursery for your little one.

The perfect place to start

Winter white nursery

Let’s get started with the centerpiece of the nursery — the crib. Since this is, theoretically, where your sweet little baby will be spending most of her time in the nursery (sleeping soundly, right?), it makes sense to spent some time, energy and money to make it winter white perfect. Don’t forget to pick up some extra baby-safe stain remover when you’re out shopping — you’ll need it for the diaper blowouts that are bound to happen all over that pretty white bedding!

Keeping clean, even in white

Winter white nursery accessories

If you’re designing an all-white nursery, we’re guessing that you might be a mom who wants to keep clutter at bay. These storage solutions, all inspired by winter white, will keep your nursery organized in winter — and the rest of the year, too. We love these fun ways to add a simple touch of pattern to your white nursery to give it some dimension and whimsy, even in the more functional pieces.

Just for fun

Winter white nursery - Just for fun

Your nursery may be white, but it doesn’t have to be boring! Add some fun touches to the decor to ensure that this room looks like it’s intended for a baby — it’s easy to keep your winter white-inspired theme chic and simple with these well-designed pieces, most of which will be able to carry them from nursery to big kid room in the years to come.

A little something for mama

Winter white nursery furniture

Can we talk about who this nursery is really for? That’s right, it’s really for you, mom. The quality time that you’ll likely log in this room — between nursing, changing diapers and rocking your baby to sleep — makes this the place in your house where you’ll be spending the most time for the next year! So you might as well add some luxury items for yourself, right?

Making things pretty

Winter white nursery

And last, but not least, are the touches that turn it from just another room in your home to a pretty, winter white-inspired nursery. These details are also the perfect way to customize a white nursery for the gender of your baby — while white can often be quite gender neutral, accessories that push it towards being a room for a little girl or a little boy can easily be added at the last moment.

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