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4 Killer photo apps every mom needs on her phone

Jennifer Chidester

If you love the photo filters in Instagram, you’ll definitely want to check out these four photo-editing apps you never knew you couldn’t live without!

These must-try photo apps help you improve photo quality, add fun design elements like sun rays or banners and even let you write on digital photos so you can personalize each memory — all in the palm of your hand!


Rhonna Designs

Rhonna Designs - Photo-editing app

Rhonna Designs (iTunes, $2) is the ultimate photo app for your cell phone. It’s jam-packed with dozens of options, from frames and filters to fonts, designs and clever sayings. This app is incredibly feature-rich. You not only have an abundance of options for fonts and designs that pack a ton of personality into your pictures, but when you layer text or images over your photos, you can even drill down to customize those options with multiple colors, outlines, shadows and more. Plus, in addition to looking great in photo-sharing apps or on social media sites, your designed photos can be printed in high-quality up to 4 inches by 4 inches.



LensLight - Photo-editing app

LensLight (iTunes, $2) touts itself as a portable light studio for your phone. From spotlights so you can boost a focal point, to light rays that mimic the sun, LensLight lets you tap into more than 100 unique lighting enhancements with a flick of your finger. The Sun Pack helps you capture natural light with bright, natural light flares that you could typically only capture outside on a sunny day. Or, use the Flare Pack for bold, colorful options and accentuate your images with sparkles and radiant shimmers.


LINE Camera

LINE Camera - Photo-editing app

If you’re looking for a free, fun app that will let you decorate your photos, LINE Camera is a great choice. In addition to filters, it features more than 100 different frames and 5,000 stamps — from hearts and stars to icons and characters — that make each photo stand out. Plus, you can either type text over your photos or handwrite little notes in a variety of fonts and colors, so you can mark each memory with a personal touch.


PicsPlay Pro

PicsPlay Pro - Photo editing app

PicsPlay Pro (iTunes, $4) has everything you need in a photo app — and then some. There are 200 professional filters, 34 border styles, more than 200 fonts, 80 colors and patterns, as well as hundreds of stamps and speech bubbles. Some features that are more advanced than most image apps include the ability to edit full-resolution photos, the option to compare your edited photo with an original photo at any time during the editing process and the ability to zoom while in editing mode.

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