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The coolest sleds we’ve ever seen

Anyone else staring out their front window, hoping to see those first snowflakes of the season fall from the sky? Before the snow arrives, pick up one of these awesome sleds for your family — they’ve come a long way since we were kids!

For the littlest of sledders

Pelican baby sleigh

While your little one won’t be hitting the sledding hill with his older siblings quite yet, he still might want to get in on the sledding fun and the Pelican Baby Sleigh (, $65) is a good place to start. The seat of the sled is off of the snow, so your baby or toddler will stay warmer and the long, high rails around the edge will help keep him sitting safely while you pull him along. For a cushier ride, upgrade to the Pelican Baby Sleigh with Cushion and Weather Shield (, $110) — he’ll be able to watch the sledding fun, while being protected from the elements at the same time.

Taking your sledding session old school

Flexible Flyer Steel Runner Sled

There’s a lot to be said about going back to basics when it comes to sledding. After all, sledding was invented long, long ago, before there were crazy things, like, well, plastic, to get down the hill on the snow! If you’re on the hunt for a classic wood and metal sled, support the company that made them famous in the first place with a Flexible Flyer. Available in three lengths — from 48 to 60 inches — the Flexible Flyer Steel Runner Sleds (, $90 to $110) are still popular with families because they are easy to steer and work well on any type of snow, even just a dusting on grass!

The need for sledding speed

Flexible Flyer PT Blaster

We’re thrilled that Flexible Flyer is sticking to the sleds of the past, but we’re also delighted that they fulfill our need, ahem, our kids’ need for speed on the snow as well! Check out the Flexible Flyer PT Blaster (, $80). With a high-end steering system and a ski on the front end, you’ll all be flying down even the smallest of neighborhood snow-covered hills. Moms give this sled a thumbs up for having an integrated brake — especially when she’s stealing it from her kids to take a run or two herself!

Upgrade your trash can lid

Standard Walrus Sliders

The great thing about trash can lids that double as sleds is that they’re easy for kids to carry back up the hill themselves, eliminating the “Mom! Will you carry my sled for me?” requests. This year, leave your trash can lids exactly where they’re supposed to be — on the trash can — and pick up a few of the Standard Walrus Sliders (HearthSong, $21/set of three) to keep in the garage or in the car for easy, kid-friendly sledding sessions. Have a few little sledders on the hill? Connect the Walrus Sliders together using the snap-together handles for a ride that will have their giggles echoing across the snow.

From the lake to the mountain

Sonic snow tube

You heard it here first — inner tubes aren’t just for the lake anymore! For a super cushy, super bumpy, super fun way to hit the snow with your kids, give an inner tube sled a try. Families who will most often be tandem sledding with their children with one adult and one kid in the sled love inner tubes because they feel safe and give both riders enough room without the fear of falling off the side of the sled. Available in both regular and extra-large sizes, the Sonic Snow Tubes (L.L. Bean, $30 to $160) will last your family for many sledding seasons to come.

Safety First!

Don’t forget to add helmets to your sledding gear list and be sure to note the age recommendations on each sled listed above to make sure it’s appropriate for your children.

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