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Animal crafts you can make with your kids

Goat animal craft

Goat animal craft |


  • Paper bag
  • White card stock
  • White construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pink colored pencil
  • Black colored pencil
  • 2 Clothespins


  1. Measure the white card stock to cover the base and front of your paper bag and cut to size — keep in mind that you won’t need to cover the bag under the fold where the goat’s “mouth” will be. Attach with craft glue.
  2. Cut a circle from your white construction paper to form the goat’s muzzle and draw on a nose and mouth with colored pencils. Glue the top half of your circle to the front of your goat puppet.
  3. Next, cut 2 large leaf-like shapes for the ears, crease in the middle along one half of the ear, add a bit of craft glue and fold over the top of each side of the goat’s face.
  4. Cut out a large triangle shape from the white construction paper for the goat’s beard, cutting several times to form fringe along 1 point of the triangle. Affix just under the goat’s mouth with craft glue.
  5. Glue the wiggle eyes to the front of the puppet above the goat’s muzzle.
  6. Finally, clip the clothespins to the top edge of the puppet to form the horns and your goat animal craft is ready to play.

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