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Animal crafts you can make with your kids

Urchin sponge animal craft

Urchin animal craft |


  • 5 Kitchen sponges in any color
  • Scissors
  • Yarn


  1. First, cut each of your sponges into 3 pieces lengthwise so you end up with 15 sponge strips.
  2. Lay down your strips in stacks 4 wide and 4 tall, laying the same way. One stack will be only three strips tall, but it won’t matter once you fluff out your urchin craft.
  3. Lay the yarn on your tabletop lengthwise and set your stack of sponge strips on top of the yarn in a perpendicular direction. Your sponges should be facing up and down and your yarn should be running side to side.
  4. Now, bring the ends of your yarn to the center of your sponge stack and tie in a single knot to cinch the sponge strips in the center. It is helpful if you have a second set of hands to hold down your knot with a finger to ensure your yarn — and your sponges — stay nice and tight. Snip off the yarn from your spool and trim off the excess.
  5. Finally, fluff and maneuver your sponge strips to form a sphere shape and your kids will have an urchin craft they won’t have to worry about getting poked with.
Tip: Submerge your urchin sponge animal in water and let your kids play with it in the tub or outdoors — it’s a lot easier than filling up hundreds of water balloons!

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