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Animal crafts you can make with your kids

Monkey foam mask craft

Monkey animal craft |


  • Dark brown craft foam sheet
  • Light brown craft foam sheet
  • Monkey mask template
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Craft stick
  • Black marker


  1. Print the monkey mask template onto a white sheet of paper. Cut out the pieces to use as a guide.
  2. Using the white paper as a template against the foam, cut out the mouth and the ears from the light brown foam sheet and the face and nose from the dark brown foam sheet.
  3. Glue the pieces together according to the template, adding the craft stick to the back of the mask and adhering with glue on the side that matches your child’s dominant hand (i.e. glue to right side of the mask if your child is right-handed). Allow to dry and your monkey mask craft is ready for some wild fun.

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