Elisabeth Rohm chats infertility, parenting Easton and college savings

Oct 17, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Law & Order star Elisabeth Rohm sat down to chat with us about her path to motherhood, infertility and the joys of watching her 5-year-old daughter Easton turn into her own little person.

Elisabeth Rohm and her daughter

Also on the agenda? Paying for college! Rohm shares her easy way to save for college — by shopping!

You may know Elisabeth Rohm for her role as Serena on Law & Order or as Taylor on the Lifetime hit The Client List, but her 5-year-old daughter Easton just knows her as mom!

Parenting lessons learned from her daughter

Rohm told SheKnows that she had “dreams of becoming a parent” but her path wasn’t exactly an easy one. “I had IVF issues and fertility problems and ended up doing hormone treatments,” she shared.

Fast forward to today, where the actress has an adorable daughter named Easton. Rohm said that she is enjoying getting to know her daughter “on her terms.”

“You don’t realize who that person really is going to end up becoming, that child of yours,” she said.

In fact, Rohm said it was her daughter that helped to teach her an important parenting lesson.

“I was laughing the other day because my daughter loves the movie Brave and she was saying, ‘That evil queen mother wanted to make Merida like her. Doesn’t she realize Merida is different than her?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ That was like my childhood,” she says.

“I remember back to my childhood where I felt like, ‘Doesn’t [my mom] get me? Why doesn’t she get me? I’m different than her,'” Rohm says.

“(As a mother) you feel this pressure that you want them to be like you and I’m learning every day that Easton is not like me and I have to get to know her on her terms — which means she is constantly blowing my expectations out of the water.”

Holiday fun!

Holidays in the Rohm household are a fun time for Easton!  “When there is a holiday, we are excited! We are decorating the house. We have a graveyard in our front yard already so we are weeks ahead of being prepared for Halloween,” she said, laughing.

Paying for college with Upromise by Sallie Mae

Rohm has partnered up with Upromise by Sallie Mae, which is a program that lets you save for college or pay down college loans when you shop online, book travel or eat out with Upromise partners.

Elisabeth Rohm

“I’m really excited to partner with Upromise by Sallie Mae,” says Rohm, who calls herself a “terrible student” even though she did earn a Bachelor of Arts at Sarah Lawrence College. “I can say through personal experience that being an actress — every step of the way— that being college educated gave me the confidence that I had options — that I was there because I loved acting not because I didn’t have any other choice and I want to encourage that for others.”

In fact, she said she learned the importance of college education at a young age. “Lucky for me, my mother went back to college when I was 8 years old so I really saw her proactively chose to get an education — even though it was financially stressful for her,” she said.

Going to college means saving and paying for college, which is where Upromise comes in. “I’m a member and I was really excited to come across Upromise by Sallie Mae because I have a 5 year old,” she says. “And I think the reason we don’t always save for our own children is because we think we have all the time in the world, we have our daily expenses and, you know, how do we start? It is just one foot in front of the other and Upromise by Sallie Mae makes it really easy.”

How does it work? “The program Upromise by Sallie Mae is just an incredible opportunity to take what you do every day, which is to shop,” she says. “Every purchase I make online will save me back cash for college somewhere in the realm of 5 to 10 percent if you use the Upromise MasterCard or if you use your bank card,” she explains. “So it’s this incredible opportunity to do what you do all the time and save cash back for college for yourself, your children, your loans you still owe on or a niece, nephew or godchild or a family member that you want to support in their dream for college.”

Rohm says there are thousands of major retailers that are participants in the program, including Target, Sears, Best Buy and more.

Hear Rohm talk more about parenthood, her adorable daughter Easton and saving for college in our video interview. For more on Upromise by Sallie Mae (including their $100,000 giveaway!) go to Upromise.com.

Interview with Elisabeth Rohm

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