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20 Baby photo fails that made us ROFL

When you point a camera at a baby, outtakes are bound to happen. We’ve gathered 20 adorable outtakes that make us ROFL at everything from nose picking to poop faces.

For every beautiful baby photo, there are many baby photo fails. Forget airbrushed, angelic baby photos. These cute outtakes are way more fun.


Matching outfits gone wrong

Baby photo fails - Matching outfits gone wrong

Photo credit: Sonya N.

Coordinating crying

Baby photo fails - Coordinating crying

Photo credit: Maria Mora

Epic seaside fail

Baby photo fails - Epic seaside fail

Photo credit: Liz Hansen Photography

Tiny face-palm

Baby photo fails - Tiny face-palm

Photo credit: Sally Kate Photography

Who me?

Baby photo fails - Who me?

Photo credit: Patti

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Not feeling that dress

Baby photo fails - Not feeling that dress

Photo credit: Spinadelic

Adorable frown

Baby photo fails - adorable frown

Photo credit: Memories Captured

Don’t poke me

Baby photo fails - Don't poke me

Photo credit: Blue Bottle Photography

Say “Augh!”

Baby photo fails - Say "Augh!"

Photo credit: Brian Dickman

Unhappy cuddler

Baby photo fails - Unhappy cuddler

Photo credit: Justin McGregor

It seemed like a good idea

Baby photo fails - It seemed like a good idea

Photo credit: Tricia Wang

Not thrilled with the Bumbo

Baby photo fails - Not thrilled with the Bumbo

“Here is Roozle way too young to be in a Bumbo, with no head control, on the table. Parent fail too!” says mom, Casey.

Photo credit: Life with Roozle

Not a beach fan

Baby photo fails - Not a beach fan

Photo credit: Draft Day Suit

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Extra Cheerio stash

Baby photo fails - Extra Cheerio stash

“Eleanor loved Cheerios so much she thought she would save one for later,” says mom, Kim.

Photo credit: Draft Day Suit

Do not want Santa!

Baby photo fails - DNW Santa

Photo credit: Elizabeth

Bored now

Baby photo fails - Bored now

Photo credit: Andy Wilkes

Poop face or surprise?

Baby photo fails - Poop face or surprise?

Photo credit: Torbein Ronning

Definitely a poop face

Baby photo fails - Definitely a poop face

Photo credit: Amy Urquhart

What happened to my hands?

Baby photo fails - What happened to my hands?

Photo credit: David J Laporte

Don’t touch the ears

Baby photo fails - Don't touch the ears!

Photo credit: Oleg Sidorenko

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