Remember when Halloween was actually fun and, you know, scary? Sure, we're obviously going to crack a smile when a pack of trick-or-treaters dressed in adorable costumes rings our doorbell, but we also kind of long for the days when ghosts, ghouls and monsters roamed our streets on Oct. 31.

So we're bringing back the spooky.

Dressing up as the gory, the ghoulish and the downright disturbing isn't just for grown-ups anymore. Say goodbye to cutesy Nemo costumes and hello to a little fright, because kids are getting in on the action — and it's way too easy to dress your toddler up as an evil Chucky doll.

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Warning: These scary baby costumes aren't for the squeamish.

1. Chucky & the Bride of Chucky

Image: Costume Works

Remember Chucky from the 1988 movie Child’s Play? You know, the cute red-haired doll that's possessed with the soul of a serial killer? This cute little guy has the costume down perfectly, from the red hair to the “Good Guys” overalls and even the face stitches. Mom and dad couldn’t leave the little gal out of the fun, of course; she's dressed as the Bride of Chucky. Brianna, the mother of these creepy/cute kids, says the costumes only cost about $40 — and she used stuff she already had around the house.

2. Baby Jigsaw

Image: Costume Works

If I saw this creepy baby costume coming toward me, I would seriously run the other way. This kid is bound to give his parents nightmares by wearing the mask of the serial killer Jigsaw from the movie Saw. I may never look at a tricycle the same way again.

3. Baby zombie

Image: Costume Works

Vampires are so last year. This year, it's all about the zombie — and babies make the perfect walking dead. After all, they already have the stumbling stride, the drooling and sometimes even the growling down, right? This baby zombie has it all — from the tattered clothes to the blackened eyes. Bonus points for the parents who staged these shots at an actual cemetery.

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4. Baby Joker

Image: Reddit

Forget about dressing your baby up as Batman — The Joker is way creepier. This little dude not only has the green hair and red smile painted on; he also has the creepy stare. Hopefully he's old/verbal enough to say his catchphrase, "Why so serious?"

5. Baby alien

Image: Reddit

This baby chicken costume would be adorable… if it weren’t for the disgusting alien popping out of its chest. Quick, someone call Ripley!

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Originally published October 2013. Updated September 2017.

6. Scary scarecrow

Image: Costume Works

What was the inspiration behind this scary scarecrow? The kid's mom told Costume Works that Dad always dresses as a scary scarecrow for Halloween, so 3-month-old Cameron is following in his terrifying footsteps.

"The mask is homemade out of leather, cheesecloth and liquid latex and painted creepy with raffia as the hair," Lisa explained. "The mask is lined with soft, black fleece and was very comfortable for him to wear. The black shirt has burlap glued to it and the 'rice paddy rake' was used as a hayfork since it was the right size."

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7. Baby Edward Scissorhands

Image: Costume Works

The only people who can make this creepy Edward Scissorhands costume look cute are an itty-bitty… and Johnny Depp.

"The blades are made of plastic and foam and mounted on modified shin guards (so Gabe can have his hands free for trick-or-treating of course!)," this kid's mom said of her "pocket-sized Edward Scissorhands."

8. Zombie mom

Image: Reddit

This gross costume works well if you go baby-wearing trick-or-treating with your little one in a front carrier. This zombie mom has her baby busting out of her bloody shirt… and it looks like he's nibbling on a brain for a treat. Yum.

9. Lobster baby

Image: Reddit

OK, this lobster baby costume is very cute, but isn't it also a little creepy? There's just something about a cute baby sitting in a pot of "boiling water" that makes us nervous. Yes, the baby is obviously fine, but still: scary.

Tell us: What is your favorite creepy baby Halloween costume? Weigh in below.