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Pregnant but no symptoms?

Is it possible to be pregnant and have absolutely no symptoms? Some women think the answer may be yes!

I post on the Pre-TTC board a lot, and have lurked several times this week here now that I’m in my first two week wait (2WW). Ok, so I’ve been really hoping for some symptoms, but I haven’t really had any that I could definitely say are related to pregnancy. Today I think my boobs are a bit bigger, but that happens with aunt flo too. I’m about 11 days past ovulation (DPO) and worried that if I have no symptoms then I’m not pregnant. Is it possible to not have strong symptoms and still be pregnant? Be honest. Thanks so much! – Mo

I actually on the Preparing to TTC board a lot (and post every so often), so I have seen you around. It’s my first 2WW also – crazy, isn’t it? Anyway, in response to your question, I think it is very common to have no symptoms during the 2WW. Think of all those people out there who get pregnant by accident and have no idea until they have missed one (or sometimes two!) periods. Supposedly you typically don’t see symptoms until after implantation, and since you are 11 (DPO), you may not have enough HCG built up in your system to experience symptoms yet. Either way, I definitely don’t think that just because you are not feeling symptoms means that you are out of the running this cycle! It’s not over until your period shows! When do you plan to test? – Julie

Hi! I posted this a week or so ago, but I didnt have a single symptom when I got pregnant with my son. I had thought we missed the window that month (I ovulated late on cd 21) and the only reason I tested when I did is because my temp shot way up at 14 days past ovulation (DPO). It took 30 minutes but I got my positive. I think once I found out I was pregnant, I started noticing the round ligament pain more. My boobs never got really big or sensitive, my morning sickness didnt start until after my first doctors appointment, and I was never one of those that had to pee ALL THE TIME. I didnt have to get up at night until 31 weeks, so I lacked alot of typical symtpoms and my son is living proof! Good luck and can’t wait to hear your update. BTW, your chart looks pretty good! – Christine

Oh thanks so much Christine! I definitely needed to hear that. Very encouraging! I’m just hoping we timed the deed right. Fertility Friend says I ovulated on the 12th, but I think it was more like the 13th. It’s just that missed temperature really has everyhting confused I think. I’m hoping that’s the case because I would have liked to have gotten in one more deed BEFORE ovulation. We did the deed around noon on the 12th. Then late at night the next day. And then once again. Hope that did it. I’ll let you know on Saturday. Thanks again! – Mo

Hey Mo! I just got a positive last Friday and I wanted to let you know that I had absolutely NO pregnancy symptoms and to this date have only had a few. For me, it just felt exactly like it does when AF is on her way. Good luck! – Megan

They are right, a lot of people don’t have symptoms for a long time. The first one they get is no no period. I want to tell you too that your chart looks great. It looks like you are 3 days past a possible implantation dip. Testing on Sunday is good timing. Here is some babydust your way! I hope you get that positive test! – Mekhaela

Hello! Welcome to your first 2WW! It’s a crazy ride, lemme tell ya! Yes, it is possible to not have symptoms and be pregnant. I hope you are! In case you aren’t, though, try not to get discouraged. Healthy couples who are doing everything perfectly have only a 20% of conceiving each month, so it can take a few months sometimes. However, it is equally possible to hit a home run your first try! Good luck! – Melissa

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