DIY nursery decor: Ceiling puffs

Nov 26, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. ET

You can create a whimsical ambiance for your baby's sweet dreams by hanging tulle pom-poms across her nursery's ceiling. Our DIY version will save you a pretty penny over the versions you can purchase at home decor retailers.

DIY ceiling puffs

Bypass the hefty expense of nursery decor by using your craft supplies to create these easy DIY ceiling puffs. You'll get all the whimsy at just a fraction of the retail price.


  • Tulle to match your decor
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • A book for forming the puffs — the size of the book determines the size of each puff



Wrap tulle around the book

DIY ceiling puffs

Close a loose end of the tulle inside the cover of the book, and then wrap the tulle around the book 15 to 30 times. The number of times you wrap tulle around the book will determine the fullness of the puff. Once you've made enough wraps, cut the tulle loose from its spool.


Cut it into squares

DIY ceiling puffs

First, use scissors to cut the tulle in half down the middle of the book. Once you're finished cutting, each layer of tulle will be the exact same size, and should easily rest in a nice, clean stack. Then, cut the stack of tulle in half again. All of the tulle should now be cut into squares. Combine the squares into one stack.


Bundle the tulle

DIY ceiling puffs

Find the middle of the stack of tulle, and bunch it together with your fingers. Then, use a rubber band to tie it in the middle. Tie a ribbon around the rubber band, making sure that you keep the strings long when you cut them.


Fluff your puff

DIY ceiling puffs

Now that the tulle is secured with a rubber band and ribbon, fluff out all of the tulle by separating each piece. Tease it out until it is shaped like a ball.


Hang your ceiling puffs

DIY ceiling puffs

Depending on how you want the nursery to look, you can make as few as three or as many as 50 ceiling puffs. Either hang each ceiling puff separately, or combine them on one long ribbon to form a garland or bouquet. Simply tie a loop at the end of each ribbon and hang the puffs on a ceiling hook.

A word of caution

Just like doctors warn parents to keep crib mobiles out of baby's grasp, make sure that you hang the puffs well away from the crib. You don't want your baby to grab a puff and become entangled in the ribbon. It may be a good idea to forego any part of the ceiling that is directly above the crib.

Image credit: Mary McCoy

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