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Homeschool crafts: Fall garland

Homeschooling isn’t all about bookwork. In fact, arts and crafts and other creative projects are a part of many homeschoolers’ weekly plans. If you are looking for a fun craft project, this fall garland is a fantastic choice.

Fun fall garland

Fall garland craft for homeschoolers

The operative word being fun! Sometimes the lesson plan is simply to expand your child’s mind with creativity. Bring the beauty and fun of fall indoors with this child-inspired garland. It might not be Martha Stewart-approved, but it will be 100 percent kid approved!


Fall garland craft supplies

  • Paper or foam piece to use as a base for the storyboard
  • Pencil, scissors and glue or clips
  • Leaves and acorns
  • Crafting supplies, preferably fall-themed
  • Crafting rope or ribbon
  • Candy corn



Step 1

Kids making fall garland craft

Gather a smorgasbord of fall-themed crafting supplies and let the creative juices flow. Give your children one simple rule — they must use the materials to tell a story of what fall means to them.


Step 2

Thankful garland craft for kids

Let the kids express themselves through writing, as well as through the items they choose to string on their garland. The end result will be a fall garland where each child tells a part of the story or one child can create different pages of a story for each square on the garland.


Step 3

Fall garland craft

Hang the garland up proudly in your home throughout the holiday season.

Though this is a creative craft, it does allow the opportunity for you to add science, history, vocabulary and math concepts — enhancing the educational experience. Enjoy your newly decorated fall-themed garland on your mantle or over a window.

Image credit: Tiany Davis

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