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Work-at-home moms: Challenges and rewards

Jessica Johnson, co-owner of Atomkorp

Jessica Johnson lives in Florida with her husband and two sons. Together, they founded a company, Atomkorp, that allows them to work at home. For a while, she stayed at home with her boys, but their need for extra income was negated by child care expenses and sharing one vehicle.

Jessica Johnson

“I had looked into other work-at-home opportunities, but they were all for either such a small wage, or required money up front and sounded sketchy or called for skills that I didn’t have,” she remembered.

However, it was not always going to be that way. “My husband had just started a new job and started networking with other business people and an idea started to form,” she explained. “Our business basically fell into our laps. We saw the need and decided to fill it. There was hardly any start-up cost besides internet and a computer — which we already had.”

Atomkorp is a unique business. They are essentially an online marketing company for car dealerships, working with them directly to get their advertisements online for the public to see.

“It has certainly had its ups and downs,” she mused. “We have almost failed a couple times, and were sure it was all over. We have made mistakes, learned from them, and have grown the business from just the two of us, to nine employees!”

Johnson loves being able to work whenever she wants to — be it day or night — and she adores being able to stay home with the kids (which she admits sometimes is both a challenge and a reward). One of the hardest parts for her is being able to find time to work while getting chores and errands done, but the flexibility of her job helps it all fall into place.

“It’s very satisfying to have our own company, and to have employees spread across the country,” she said. “I mostly employ other SAHMs and I really like knowing that our little company can help them get to stay home with their families like they want.”

Image credit: Jessica Johnson

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