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Halloween costumes for real moms’ bodies

Just because you don’t want to don a barely-there cop/cowgirl/maid costume this year, doesn’t mean you are subject to a frumpy, shapeless costume. Look cute and appropriate this Halloween.

Halloween costumes for real moms

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Katherine of Somewhere in the Middle and her family decided to don a Wizard of Oz theme based on their daughter’s decision to be a witch for Halloween. She had her mom make her apron dress and gussied up an old pair of shoes with red spray paint, glue and red glitter!

The Sun-Maid raisin girl

Arianna Armstrong feels very strongly against dressing provocatively on Halloween. So she came up with this “cheap and easy” version of the Sun-Maid raisin girl. With little more than a white top, oversized red bonnet, long red skirt — and basket full of raisins, of course — you can transform yourself into a Sun-Maid raisin girl like Arianna.

Custom t-shirts

The Romriell family decided to announce their baby-on-the-way to family and friends by wearing custom matching T-shirts from Spreadshirt. The company has all kinds of Halloween-theme T-shirts or you can design your own.

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Airplane theme

Airport themed Halloween costumes

Karen of Desert Chica Ramblings created this super-cute airport theme for herself and her two boys. All she needed was some cardboard, duct tape and accessories like a safety vest, sunglasses, big headphones and marshaling wands or short orange light sabers, which she made from toilet paper rolls (three each) and orange duct tape.

Halloween costumes for moms

Costume stores

Believe it or not, there are cute and appropriate Halloween costumes available at major costume stores. Dress up like Sue Sylvester from Glee (Fantasy Costumes, $40) by donning a red track suit and character wig.

We also love the store’s Wilma Flintstone costume (Fantasy Costumes, $42), which is flirty without being too revealing. Make it a family affair by getting your partner to be Fred Flintstone and your little one to dress up like Pebbles.

Discount stores

Discount and thrift stores stock new and used costumes at Halloween time but they are also goldmines for finding the pieces to put together your own costume. We love Savers‘ simple idea for dressing up like Katniss from The Hunger Games with black pants, a black shirt, a brown leather jacket, boots, a brown wig (or your own hair if it’s long enough) in a braid and a bow and arrow set.

Or go cutesy (but still simple) with Savers’ panda bear costume idea by wearing a black bodysuit or black pants and a black long-sleeved shirt, white fuzzy vest, panda hat and fuzzy black boots.

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Sew your own

If you’re super-crafty, skip the costume stores and head to the fabric store for a fun pattern like Simplicity’s Raggedy Ann costume. Bonus points to you if you can get your partner to take on the role of matching Raggedy Andy!

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