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Smart Halloween costumes for your daughter

Women continue to be underrepresented in the workplace when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Sadly, the same goes for Halloween costumes for kids. Help your daughter embrace her potential with these fun Halloween costumes from STEM fields.

Halloween costumes for girls - Doctor costume

If your daughter wants to be a princess for Halloween, more power to her. Enforcing a costume agenda on Halloween probably isn’t going to make a huge impact on her future. But if your daughter shows interest in science, math and technology, we’ve found her some pretty awesome costumes that don’t involve wearing a miniskirt.


Scientist - Halloween costume for girls

If your daughter loves science, this costume fits the bill. It may be a little pricey, but it comes with toys she can play with year-round. Safety goggles, beakers and lab equipment round out this scientist costume with a lab coat (My Little Doc, $68).


Firefighter - Halloween costume for girls

Every girl can be a hero. Give her the tools she needs to make-believe and dress up as a lifesaver with this firefighter costume (Amazon, $25). A pretend megaphone and fire extinguisher help her recreate daring fire rescues on Halloween and beyond.


Survivalist - Halloween costumes for girls

With this adventurous costume, your daughter will be ready for survival in the great outdoors — just ditch the wooden knife for school time and trick or treating. This handmade leather utility belt (Etsy, $42) with play knife is the perfect accessory for any explorer costume.


Astronaut - Halloween costume for girls

In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. Inspire your little astronaut-to-be with this cool NASA flight jacket (The Space Store, $70). As a functioning winter jacket, this costume piece can be worn every day


Aviator - Halloween costume for girls

Historical figures make for great Halloween costumes. Amelia Earhart was an aviation pioneer. Let your daughter embrace her love of flying and adventure with this toddler aviator costume (Amazon, $49) complete with classic aviator goggles.


Doctor - Halloween costume for girls

Whether your daughter wants to be a heart surgeon or a veterinarian, these scrubs are the foundation for a great Halloween costume. Get these scrubs for kids (My Little Doc, $23) embroidered with her name or a paramedic or pharmacist logo.

Space explorer

Space explorer - Halloween costume for girls

Is your daughter ready to fly to the moon? Think even bigger than NASA — get her a jet pack. This soft, handmade jet pack for kids (Rainbow Souffle, $40) is perfect for Halloween and everyday play. Help her create her own space explorer costume around the jet pack.

Train engineer

Train engineer - Halloween costume for girls

Every little train fan wants to be the conductor. Pair this adorable train engineer apron (Melissa & Doug, $30) with overalls and your little conductor is ready to take to the tracks. This costume will do double duty as imaginative play gear for the rest of the year.

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