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Spider web sensory craft for kids

Celebrating Halloween with crafts that sneak in some sensory and fine motor skills practice is both fun and therapeutic! Using a stencil, a marble, paint and wiggle eyes, you can create a spider web sensory craft for kids that is anything but spooky.

Spider web sensory craft

What you’ll need:

  • Shirt box or cereal box
  • Orange construction paper
  • Marble
  • White poster paint
  • Hole punches in a few sizes (your choice)
  • Strip of card stock
  • Black poster paint
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Wiggle eyes

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What you’ll do:


Step 1

Spider web sensory craft supplies

Gather a lid to a shirt box or other box with a wide side opening — you can even open up the side of a cereal box if you’re in a pinch.


Step 2

Spider web sensory craft - Place construction paper in box

To begin your spider web craft, place the construction paper inside the box — cutting your paper to fit inside the box if you need to — and place small dots of white paint randomly around the paper.


Step 3

Spider web sensory craft - Paint the web

Toss the marble into the box and have your youngster roll the marble around in random patterns to form a painted “web.” Remove the marble and allow the paper to dry.


Step 4

Meanwhile, take your strip of card stock and use hole punchers of different sizes to create stencils for your spider prints. Although you could make spiders simply with your child’s fingerprints and thumbprints, having them aim and press with the stencil is good fine motor skills practice.


Step 5

Spider web sensory craft - Finger paint

Once your web is dry, turn this holiday activity into a secret sensory craft by dipping your kiddo’s finger into the black paint and create the spider’s body using the stencil at random points around the paper. Remember to have your child switch up fingers and thumbs in the different-sized holes.


Step 6

Spider web sensory craft - Add eyes and legs

Next, have your child add legs to each spider using the black marker. Finally, show your youngster how to glue two wiggle eyes onto each spider and you’re finished. You’ve successfully sneaked in sensory therapy and fine motor skills with a cute and fun Halloween craft for kids!

Image credit: Michelle Maffei

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