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Best resources for lunch box food kids will love

Now that school’s back in session, it’s time to fill those lunch boxes with foods the kids will love.

Where to find
what to pack

Now that school’s back in session, it’s time to fill those lunch boxes
with foods the kids will love.

Young girl eating lunch

New books for lunch box inspirations

Cutesy lunch boxes are so fun to look at. But let’s face it — real moms don’t typically have time to make clever animal-shaped foods, do they? Fortunately, two new lunch box cookbooks are focusing on real food for lunch boxes — without the cutesy fussiness.

Beating the Lunch Box Blues by J.M. Hirsch

Beating the Lunch Box Blues

For parents who have eschewed the idea of “kid food,” this book is fabulous. Filled with creative,  interesting and flavorful ideas, this unapologetically gourmet lunch box book will help you fill your food-loving child’s lunch boxes day after day. The best part? These foods are things you would love to eat too — so this can help fill mom and dad’s lunch boxes as well.

Weelicious Lunches by Catherine McCord

Weelicious Lunches

From the fabulous Sandwich on a Stick to Matzo Sammies to Strawberry-Cream Cheese “Sushi Rolls,” McCord’s book is filled with totally doable ideas for lunches that push the envelope on creativity without taking forever to make. The sushi rolls are made with rolled-out bread slices that are filled, rolled and cut into sushi-size pieces. These recipes are the total antidote to boring sandwich lunches.

Best Pinterest boards for lunch box inspiration

You know what’s really awesome about Pinterest for lunch box inspiration? It’s so darn visual. And these two Pinterest boards serve up really awesome ideas for packing creative lunches that your kids will want to eat.

Project LunchBox by Marla Meredith

DIY Lunchables

Filled with awesome ideas for lunch boxes, the Project LunchBox Pinterest board includes links to recipes, packing ideas and more. This is a great place to look for practical bento-style lunches.

Image credit: DIY unchables from Family Fresh Meals

Lunch Box Ideas Group Board

Butterfly lunch

The Lunch Box Ideas board, which is populated by a group of eight bloggers, has everything from money-saving tips to how to make lunches special for kids, with plenty of food ideas in the mix too.

Image credit: Butterfly lunch from Chaos and Confections

Best blogs for lunch box inspiration

These blogs aren’t just talking about creative lunch boxes — they are actively documenting them as they create them (pretty cool!).

Molly’s Lunch Box

Every day, Shannon shares what’s packed inside her kids’ lunch boxes on Molly’s Lunch Box. It’s a constant flow of interesting ideas and fun ways to pack things. One great tip from her site — you can use silicone ice pop tubes for DIY yogurt tubes with your child’s favorite yogurt.

Mommy + Me Lunch Box

This mom isn’t just packing lunches for her 1st-grader — she’s also packing lunches for herself, and documenting the whole thing. Mommy + Me Lunch Box is filled with really great ideas for both kids and parents — all served up really creatively.

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