Ron Paul launches homeschool curriculum

Ron Paul is a familiar and polarizing name in American politics. While the longtime Congressman from Texas and former Presidential candidate is retired from politics, he continues to spread his libertarian message through education with the recent launch of the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum.

Libertarian icon tackles education
Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

Many homeschool moms around the country have been patiently waiting for the launch of Ron Paul’s homeschool curriculum and now the wait is over… sort of. While the site is still a work in progress, libertarian-loving homeschoolers can find enough educational inspiration at to hold them over until the full roll-out is complete.

A self-taught curriculum

Traditional educational environments typically proceed at a pace determined by the teacher and the comprehension level of the kids in the class. The Ron Paul Curriculum is completely different. As a self-taught curriculum, students essentially teach themselves using the materials provided. There is a heavy emphasis on original sources. If she is stuck, she is expected to search for answers herself or discuss the problem with her peers through a forum. The expectations are high but when we provide kids the opportunities to achieve on their own, they tend to surprise us.

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The focus

Anyone remotely familiar with Ron Paul won’t be surprised to learn that his curriculum includes a focus on free-market economics, writing, public speaking and leadership skills. According to the site, students will learn the following:

  • Liberty vs. coercion in Western history
  • How to defend the freedom philosophy
  • What it takes for success in college
  • How to start a home business

The rigorous courses were prepared by respected, experienced experts in their field, including college professors and widely-published authors. A limited number of courses are available now and the roll-out will continue through December 2015. Kindergarten through 5th grade courses will be free (unless you choose to join the discussion forums for $250 per year) and pricing for 6th through 12th grades will be competitive with other homeschool curricula on the market.

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The bigger picture

While Ron Paul’s ideals do not appeal to everyone, it’s hard to argue with his adherence to fiscal responsibility. Every mother with a household budget can relate to his spending philosophy — you can’t buy something unless you have the money for it. With student loan debt skyrocketing, a college degree is unattainable for many and, given the state of the economy, it’s difficult to justify astronomical student loans. This curriculum is centered around five main principles — liberty, responsibility, standards, self-discipline and success. For many, success means a college degree, and this curriculum encourages students to achieve that goal with minimal expense while fostering entrepreneurship.

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The feedback

The content available on the site is still relatively light but there’s definitely enough information to make a judgment call on whether or not the Ron Paul Curriculum is right for your family. “I’ve been waiting for this curriculum for months,” says Bethany, a homeschool mom of two from Colorado. “I really want my kids to be able to think for themselves and have access to original texts, such as letters written by historical figures, rather than text books so I’ll definitely be considering this.”

Of course, there are always two sides to consider. “I’m just not comfortable with the amount of time my child would have to spend in front of the computer,” says Jennifer from Washington. “Also, trusting a former politician with my child’s education just doesn’t sit right with me.”

Tell us

How do you feel about this curriculum? Worth a look or just another political stunt?

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