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30+ Baby Names That Literally Mean ‘Power’

Some baby names are more powerful than others, and there are tons of baby names with great meanings. But what about choosing a baby name that actually means power?

When you’re expecting a baby, you hope that they grow up loved, but also have smarts, skills, and talent to help them get ahead in life. Choosing a baby name that means power doesn’t guarantee that your baby will become president or CEO, of course, but why not give your baby a name that might inspire them to conquer problems as they arise and find inner peace?

These powerful baby names are a fun mix of styles — from the sweet and simple to the exotic to the traditional to more modern choices. Some of these names are truly unique and might be better suited as a middle name, but if you’d really love to name your girl Tully or bestow an impressive name like Kano on your son, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Read on for our favorite powerful names for babies:

Powerful Names for Boys

  • Alaric: A stylish German baby name that means “all-powerful ruler”
  • Archard: Meaning “holy, powerful,” this name has Anglo-German roots
  • Broderick: An Old German baby name that means “famous power”
  • Daivat: This Hindi name means “power, strength”
  • Easton: Meaning “magical power, noble power,” this name has Old English roots
  • Emery: May be derived from a German name meaning “bravery, power”
  • Gideon: Meaning “powerful warrior,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Kano: A Japanese name, this means “masculine power”
  • Kedar: This Arabic name means “powerful”
  • Mather: Meaning “powerful army,” this name has Old English roots
  • Montgomery: Derived from a German name meaning “power of man”
  • Oswald: Meaning “God’s power,” this name has Old German roots
  • Renfred: An Old English name, this means “powerful peace”
  • Richard: A popular name, this means “powerful leader”
  • Reynard: Another German favorite, Reynard means “powerful advice”
  • Riker: Looking for a powerful baby name? Riker means “rich and powerful”
  • Roderick: This Old German name means “famous power”
  • Thor Norse god of thunder and power
  • Trumble: An English name, this means “powerful”
  • Ulric: Another Old German name, this means “power of the wolf”
  • Waldrom: Meaning “powerful raven,” this name has Old German roots

Powerful Names for Girls

  • Adira: This pretty Hebrew name means “noble, powerful”
  • Allura: An Old French name, this means “power of attraction”
  • Aubrey: This Old German name means “elf, magical being, power”
  • Aza: A “powerful” unisex baby name of Arabic origin
  • Brigitte: An Irish name, this means “strength, power”
  • Brites: A Portuguese name, this means “power”
  • Edrea: Meaning “wealthy, powerful,” this name has Old English roots
  • Irie: A Caribbean baby name that means “powerful”
  • Kendra: May be from an Old English name meaning “bold power”
  • Philomena: This Greek name means “powerful love”
  • Ragnild: This name has Teutonic roots and means “all-knowing power”
  • Ricarda: The feminine form of Richard, this also means “powerful leader”
  • Sibyl: A Turkish name, this means “powerful queen”
  • Tully: This cute and quirky name means “powerful people”

A version of this article was originally published in 2013

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