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Simple crafts to make at Halloween parties

Halloween is approaching, and with it comes thoughts of costumes, jack-o’-lanterns and Halloween parties. If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, having fun crafts for the kids to do is a must.

Fall is starting in the air, and so thoughts of pumpkin spice, changing leaves and Halloween are creeping into our minds. Kids and adults alike look forward to the spooky holiday. When you get to dress up and make believe for a night, what isn’t there to love? With the season comes Halloween parties, and you might be scratching your head on how to entertain a bunch of kids at yours. Here are five Halloween crafts for you to do with your party guests this fall.

Spooky spiders

Spooky spider

What better than something creepy and crawly for a fun Halloween craft? Plus, since all you need are pipe cleaners and some beads, it is a simple and cheap craft for everyone. You can find the full directions here.

Q-tip skeletons

Q-Tip Skeletons

With just some Q-tips, construction paper and glue, kids can create their own skeleton art! With a marker they get to draw in their own skeleton face and make it as creepy or funny as they choose. You can find the full directions here.

Pumpkin carving contest

Pumpkin carving

With adult supervision, kids can carve their own pumpkins for a fun contest of sorts. They can design their own, or you can supply some templates for them to use. You can download free pumpkin carving templates here for your convenience.

Halloween votive candles

Halloween votive

This fun craft easily doubles as an activity for kids and the creation of a holiday keepsake decoration for their family. Using masking tape, children can design their own jack-o’-lantern on a simple glass jar and paint over it. When you remove the masking tape and add a candle to the jar, their creation comes to life! You can find the full directions here.

These four simple crafts are easy enough for even young children to participate, but still fun for the preteens as well. With a little planning you can guarantee that your Halloween party will be a success and that your little guests get to leave with a brand new craft to enjoy at home.

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