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8 Halloween costume ideas for siblings

If you have several children, it would be wrong to let their childhoods pass by without dressing them up in embarrassing matching costumes. Follow our guide for cute and photo-worthy sibling costume ideas.

Whether you’re looking for sweet, sassy or just plain silly, we have a sibling costume look to match your sensibilities.

Sweet looks

Halloween costumes for siblings


Butterfly and caterpillar

You know firsthand just how quickly your babies grow and change. Stacy at Hart & Sew captures the sentiment by dressing her firstborn as a butterfly and her snuggly baby as a caterpillar.


A litter of puppies

Sometimes, moms of multiple children can feel a little bit like they’re herding a litter of pups. If you want to breathe some life into that feeling, dress your little ones in matching puppy costumes — and if you’re brave, you can make your own look-alike costume so it’s clear just who’s in charge of those pups. Idea courtesy of Michelle at Miss Banana Pants.


Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

If you’re interested in something classic, consider the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf. We found these exquisitely made costumes (Chasing Fireflies, $79 to $89). They’re a little pricey, but they are so well-crafted that they’re worth the price.

Sassy siblings

Halloween costumes for siblings


Thing One and Thing Two

Remember the havoc caused by Thing One and Thing Two in the Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat? We hear that twins aren’t so different. Dress your precious little monsters as Thing One and Thing Two using the instructions provided by Shelley at How Does She.


Gridiron heroes

Jessica at The Macs provided this idea for the football-loving family. Dress your toddler up as a gridiron hero, and slip your baby into a brown onesie with football laces on the front. The idea is both adorable and easy to create.


Superman and Clark Kent

This idea, courtesy of Holli at Full Hands, Full Hearts, is another great one for twins. Dress one of your kiddos as Superman and the other one as businessman Clark Kent — with a little bit of his Superman costume peeking through his dress shirt.

Just plain silly

Halloween costumes for siblings


Saturday Night Live Spartans

This unique and funny idea might be lost on younger parents, but plenty of onlookers will appreciate your inspiration from classic Saturday Night Live Spartan cheerleaders Arianna and Craig. For more information and additional pictures, check out The Rigneys.


Lloyd and Harry

In one of the best scenes in film history, Dumb and Dumber characters Lloyd and Harry strutted into a fancy soiree in atrocious powder blue and orange tuxes. Dress your little ones in these funny costumes we found on Etsy (Cupcake Cottage, $97).

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