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Baby names from The Walking Dead

Do you love The Walking Dead? These baby names from the zombie-rific television series may be just what you’re looking for.

Walking Dead
Baby names

baby names

Do you love The Walking Dead? These baby names from the zombie-rific television series may be just what you’re looking for.

Fans of AMC’s wildly popular post-apocalyptic zombie show The Walking Dead will be gathering around their screens again on October 13, welcoming back returning characters like Daryl and Maggie and perhaps still mourning the loss of old faves that we won’t mention here if you’re not totally caught up with the story yet.

TV series baby names

These names come from characters from the television series, which doesn’t totally follow along with the comic books that serve as its inspiration — but don’t despair, there are plenty to choose from. While these names are of characters that are survivors of the apocalypse, several have, ahem, reanimated at some point, but to preserve spoilers, we won’t mention who might be more zombie-ish than their peers.

Some of these baby names don’t sound quite modern, such as the names of Carl and his sister Judith — those names were more popular in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s than they are today. But even if you’re not going to use one as a first name, you can easily pay homage to your fandom by using one as a middle name.

Other names are more modern-sounding, and some even have a classic feel to them, which makes them trendier than other names. Do you dare use a baby name from The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead names for girls

  • Amy: Sister of Andrea
  • Andrea: Sister of Amy
  • Beth: Daughter of Hershel
  • Carol: Mother of Sophia, wife of Ed
  • Donna: Wife of Allen, mother of Ben
  • Eileen: Woodbury resident
  • Eliza: Daughter of Miranda Morales and her husband
  • Haley: Woodbury resident, protects the wall
    • Jacqui: Good friend of Jim
    • Judith: Infant daughter of Lori and Rick
    • Karen: Woodbury resident, protects the wall
  • Lori: Wife of Rick, mom of Carl and Judith
  • Maggie: Daughter of Hershel, fiancée of Glenn
  • Miranda: Wife of a man known by his last name, Morales
  • Michonne: Independent survivor, and good friend of Andrea
  • Nelly: Hershel’s horse
  • Patricia: Wife of Otis, worked on Hershel’s farm
  • Penny: The Governor’s daughter
  • Rowan: Woodbury resident
  • Sasha: Tyreese’s sister
  • Sophia: Daughter of Carol and Ed

The Walking Dead names for boys

  • Allen: Husband of Donna, father of Ben
  • Andrew: Prison survivor, former prisoner
  • Axel:Prison survivor, former prisoner
  • Ben: Son of Donna and Allen
  • Caesar: An enforcer of The Governor’s
  • Carl: Son of Lori and Rick
  • Dale: Owner of an RV, takes in Amy and Andrea
  • Daryl: Brother of Merle, proficient with a crossbow
  • Duane: Son of Morgan
  • Ed: Sophia’s father, husband of Carol
  • Edwin: Last survivor of the CDC
  • Felipe: Nurse practitioner at a nursing home
  • Glenn: Fiancé of Maggie
  • Hershel: Veterinarian, father of Maggie and Beth
  • Jim: Mechanic, shows eerie precognitions
  • Jimmy: Beth’s boyfriend
  • Louis: Son of Miranda Morales and her husband
  • Merle: Brother of Daryl
  • Milton: The Governor’s right-hand man and a scientist
  • Morgan: Father of Duane
  • Noah: Karen’s son and an enforcer of The Governor’s
  • Oscar: Prison survivor, former prisoner
  • Otis: Husband of Patricia, worked on Hershel’s farm
  • Paul: Woodbury resident, protects the wall
  • Philip: Also known as The Governor
  • Randall: Old classmate of Maggie’s
  • Rick: Former sheriff’s deputy, husband of Lori, father of Carl and Judith
  • Shane: Best friend and partner of Rick
  • Theodore: Better known as T-Dog
  • Tomas: Prison survivor, former prisoner
  • Tyreese: Brother of Sasha
Image credit: AMC

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