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Brooke Burke talks motherhood, beauty secrets and her go-to recipe

Brooke Burke wears many hats, including mom of four, Dancing with the Stars host, actress, model, founder of and cancer survivor.

Brooke Burke

This real life modern mom shares her newest venture in helping bring playground equipment to kids in need — and also shares her secret to her gorgeous skin.

Brooke Burke truly represents the modern mom, as she is busy juggling four kids (Neriah, 13; Sierra, 10; Rain, 5 and Shaya, 4) with their extracurricular activities, carpool and work — of course, the only difference is her work requires her to wear designer gowns and appear on national TV as host of Dancing with the Stars.

Burke, who recently beat thyroid cancer, has joined forces with Merck Consumer Care, the makers of Children’s Claritin, and the national nonprofit KaBOOM! to help bring play spaces to schools in need. We chatted with Burke about this program, as well as her secret to her ageless skin and even got her to share her kids’ favorite dinner recipe.

SheKnows: I follow you on Twitter and it sounds like you had a fun summer. Are your kids ready for school to start? And are you ready for school to start?

Brooke Burke: I’m one of those mothers that love having my kids home for the summer — and it’s gone by way too fast. We plan to ring out the last days of summer. I’m never ready for the chaos of back to school, but we’re already starting to prep all the back-to-school details.

SheKnows: I read somewhere that you and Jennifer Garner carpool! Is that true? What other celebrity moms do you have a connection with?

BB: That’s called an interview embellishment — not true at all, although our kids do attend the same school. I never really cared about celebrity. I have a great posse of moms that I can count on, both in the industry and out, but most importantly they’re quality women, and we all share the common denominator of raising our children.

SheKnows: What are your tricks for getting the kids up and out of the door in the morning?

BB: Personal alarm clocks and goal rewards for getting up and ready on time. Also, packing lunches and setting the breakfast table the night before.

SheKnows: I know you are working with Children’s Claritin and KaBOOM! to help schools in need. Tell me why this cause is important to you.

BB: I like to work with groups that are helping others. That’s why I’m working with Children’s Claritin to help spread the word to parents across America that every vote counts in their effort with KaBOOM! to bring play to schools in need.

You can just go to the Facebook page and vote. The four schools with the most votes will each receive Imagination Playground equipment — these mobile play sets comprised of oversized, foam blocks create an accessible, creative place for kids to play. Children’s Claritin is also a natural fit for me, as a mom of four.

SheKnows: You skin always looks flawless! What is your anti-aging secret? What are your favorite products to use?

BB: I’ve discovered Sheer Cover to be the best Melasma coverage, as well as for any dark spots or blemishes. It’s the perfect solution for a five-minute mommy makeover.

SheKnows: Do you ever get nervous or get butterflies hosting Dancing with the Stars — or does it now feel like second nature to you?

BB: The ballroom feels like home. I have my own sense memory from dancing while I was competing, so my nervous energy is more about the stars than my own hosting responsibilities. Live television is always nerve-racking, but I love the energy.

SheKnows: Do any of your kids want to go into the entertainment industry? Any aspiring actors or singers?

BB: My tween and my teenager love music; they sing, play guitar and the piano. My 13-year-old is finally old enough to post her first YouTube video (her Dad and I made her wait). Sierra recently expressed interest in television. I have my reservations but I’m not a dream squasher and I plan to let my children explore all of their talents.

Brooke Burke and kidsSheKnows: With four kids, how do you balance all the extracurricular activities?

BB: I wish there was balance, but honestly it’s more like managing the chaos. Everyone’s doing their own thing at the same time in different places. I’ve learned when and where to ask for help, it truly does take a village to raise my family.

SheKnows: You are in such amazing shape! Moms everywhere want to know — how do you resist the urge to finish off the kids’ chicken fingers?

BB: Read the labels and know what you’re putting into your body. One splurge won’t hurt you, but I try to fill up on healthy, smart choices before splurging on junk. I also try to spare my kids the frozen chicken nuggets!

SheKnows: What is your go-to meal that your kids love? Would you share the recipe with us?

BB: Homemade chicken matzo ball soup. It’s a family favorite because everyone can dip into the pot and take out what they love.

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