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Baby names from Parenthood

Parenthood has been a beloved part of Thursday nights on NBC for many successful seasons. What better way to pay homage to your favorite show than by choosing a baby name inspired by the series?

Revolving around the Braverman family, the popular TV series Parenthood takes place in Berkeley, California. An older couple’s children and their families are the centerpiece of the show — Zeek and Camille Braverman have four children, and each child has a family of their own. What makes the show special to its fans is how real it is. Each character’s struggles and triumphs really hit home with the rest of us — infertility, kids with special needs, health issues, relationship woes and job worries are things that happen to everyone, and that makes the show special.

The names in the show are a great mix of different styles that would work for modern babies. Crosby is cool and edgy, while Haddie sounds old-fashioned and classic. Combine two of these names for the ultimate Parenthood baby name — or if you’re not willing to go that far, just use one as a middle name. Only the fans of the show will catch the reference, but you’ll always know that your child’s name came from the show that moved you to laughter as well as tears.

The Braverman Family Tree

Image: NBC

Girl baby names from Parenthood

  • Amber: Daughter of Sarah
  • Amy: Drew’s girlfriend
  • Camille: The matriarch of the Braverman family
  • Erika: Daughter of Zeek and Camille, wife to Joel and mother to Sidney and Victor
  • Gaby: Max’s behavioral aide
  • Haddie: Daughter of Kristina and Adam
  • Jasmine: Wife of Crosby, mom of Jabbar
  • Katie: Crosby’s ex-girlfriend
  • Kristina: Wife of Adam and mother of Haddie, Max and Nora
  • Nora: Daughter of Adam and Kristina
  • Rachel: Adam and Crosby’s assistant at their recording studio
  • Raquel: Described as an attractive “supermom”
  • Renee: Jasmine’s mother
  • Sarah: Mother of Amber and Drew, daughter of Zeek and Camille
  • Suze: Noah’s mom
  • Sydney: Daughter of Julia and Joel
  • Zoe: Coffee girl

Boy baby names from Parenthood

  • Adam: Son of Zeek and Camille, husband to Kristina and father to Haddie, Max and Nora
  • Alex: A boyfriend of Haddie
  • Crosby: Son of Zeek and Camille, husband of Jasmine and father of Jabbar
  • Drew: Son of Sarah
  • Gordon: Adam’s former boss
  • Jabbar: Son of Crosby and Jasmine
  • Joel: Husband of Julia and father to Sidney and Victor
  • Mark: Amber’s teacher who had a relationship with Sarah
  • Max: Son of Adam and Kristina
  • Noah: Boy who has Asperger’s syndrome
  • Phil: Noah’s dad
  • Ryan: Friend of Zeek who dates Amber
  • Seth: Amber and Drew’s father
  • Steve: A boyfriend of Haddie
  • Victor: Son of Joel and Julia
  • Zeek: The patriarch of the Braverman family

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