Why I love (not) back-to-school time

It’s back-to-school time! I love this time of year, but not for the reasons you might expect. The truth is, we homeschool. There is no “back to school” for us. However, as a homeschooling parent, there are reasons I love this time of year.

Supplies on clearance

Back-to-school supplies - Crappy Pictures

I’m still lured by the colorful displays of markers and little bottles of glue. They make my heart skip a beat and I just want to pet the displays. They call to me from the shelves this time of year and if I’m not careful I’ll wind up stockpiling giant packs of markers with 6,000 colors. (For me, not for the kids. Shhh!).

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While we do usually need some supplies for our home, we don’t need anything by a specific date. This means I can wait until a couple weeks after school starts when everything hits the clearance racks.

Empty parks

Back-to-school parks - Crappy Pictures

In summer the parks and beaches are packed. It is pure chaos. It is tons of fun of course, but after a summer of exhausting park outings I look forward to back-to-school time. Suddenly, the parks and beaches quiet down. There is room on the swings! Nobody gets knocked down! I get a relaxing break and we often run into other homeschooling families.

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All of our local museums have free admission once a month. We avoid the free days during summer because they are so packed with families that you can barely walk around — much less see or do anything. After school starts though, it rocks.


Back-to-school time - Crappy Pictures

Get up and get kids out the door five days a week? And not be late? I’d fail at this. I’m not a morning person. My kids aren’t morning people either. Sure, this may sound like a lazy reason to love not starting school each fall, but I feel ever so thankful that we can operate on our own schedules.

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Nobody is going to get in trouble for being late to breakfast. Not even me. And sometimes (especially rainy days) we’ll just stay home and read books. In our pajamas. On a random Tuesday. This is allowed! Isn’t that amazing?

Excitement for learning

Back-to-school time - Crappy Pictures

But the main reason I love this (not) back-to-school time of year is checking in with my kids and discussing what interests them. Fall is when we regroup and figure out what we want to do in the coming year. What classes do they want to take? What books should we reserve at the library? What field trips should we go on? The excitement they have for learning about topics they are truly passionate about is contagious. It makes me energized and inspired to get the year started.

I’m ready for the school year to start!

Well, almost ready. All I need now is that giant pack of markers with 6,000 colors.