Giving back: Kids’ products that donate to charity

From businesses who run a one-for-one model to products that give back to kids in need, these places to shop care about more than just their bottom lines and we applaud them for that. Add them to your list of shopping favorites — there’s nothing like being able to give back when picking up your child’s next pair of shoes or the dozens of birthday presents that you’ll need over the next few months.


HaitiBabi blankets

We learned about the moms and creators of HaitiBabi in the SheKnows Parenting: Moms with a Cause series earlier this year — and this simple, yet innovative and effective method for giving back through shopping has continued to grow. In fact, HaitiBabi recently celebrated their one-year anniversary — from the founders in Seattle, all of the way across the globe to the moms and HaitiBabi employees in Haiti!

How it works — HaitiBabi was created to give moms in the impoverished nation of Haiti the chance to earn a living to support their families, which for many Haitian mothers, meant being able to keep their children, rather than send them to an orphanage. The moms knit beautiful 100 percent cotton baby blankets (HaitiBabi, $72), with the money from the blankets going back into HaitiBabi to keep Haitian moms employed, allowing “moms to help moms.”

Find them — You can learn more about how HaitiBabi gives back and order one of their custom, handmade blankets on their website at

Smile Squared

Smile Squared Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes. You have to buy them anyway, right? So, you might as well buy one that gives back! Smile Squared was born after a husband and wife visited Central America on a humanitarian trip. During time volunteering at a dental clinic, they made the connection between children not having toothbrushes and the boost in confidence it gives a child to have clean teeth — let alone the health benefits.

How it works — The concept is simple, but it goes a long way in making the difference in the lives of children. For each Smile Squared toothbrush you purchase, they will donate one to a child in need. In our opinion, that’s something to smile about!

Find them — Jump on to to read more about the toothbrushes and to order some for your own family. They come in both child and adult sizes. We also love that all of the Smile Squared products also keep the environment in mind, with biodegradable toothbrush handles and recyclable, plastic-free boxes.

One World Futbol Project

One World Futbol Project

Recently teaming up with Chevrolet as a sponsor and with initial support and funding from musician Sting, the One World Futbol Project isn’t just about getting balls into the hands of kids around the world — it’s about getting them a ball that will last them their entire lives. The One World Futbol is as indestructible as it can be — it never needs to be pumped up and will never go flat, making it sustainable for even the most rugged of landscapes and the toughest of kids.

How it works — For every ball purchased (One World Futbol, $40), a One World Futbol is given to a child in an area of need, including children in refugee camps, disaster areas and the inner cities. You are given a choice of current campaigns, so you (and your soccer-loving kiddo) can choose where the extra ball is donated. The balls are available in both youth and adult sizes.

Find them — Visit the One World Futbol Project website at to purchase your own ball and see the list of campaigns where balls are currently being donated.

Roma Boots

Roma Boots

Rain boots are in — for moms and for kids — and with Roma Boots, you can combine a little fashion with a little charity. Created to help the children in the Romanian-born founder’s home country, Roma Boots are “fashion on a mission,” selling high-end rain boots for kids and women ($42 and up), as well as signature flip-flops ($24), all which support their cause.

How it works — Working on the idea of “for you, for all,” each Roma Boots purchase generates a pair of rain boots given to children and orphans in Romania, where the first step to fighting poverty is getting sturdy, weather-resistant boots on kids to face the climate of the country. In addition, 10 percent of all proceeds benefit the Roma For All Foundation.

Find them — Shop Roma Boots products online at or find a local retailer near you on the Roma Boots website.

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