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Dutch baby names for boys and girls

Dutch baby names are melodic and unique, and have a lovely sound to them. Is a Dutch name right for your baby boy or girl?

Baby names from the Netherlands

Dutch baby names are melodic and unique, and have a lovely sound to them. Is a Dutch name right for your baby boy or girl?

Dutch baby names

The Dutch language is closely related to German and English and is spoken by people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and in several other countries around the world. With over 23 million native speakers, there are plenty of Dutch names to choose from.

Many Dutch-speaking folks have names that seem familiar to us because they are Dutch versions of names that we’ve given our children for generations. They may be spelled and pronounced differently, but if you have Dutch ancestry — or are looking for a unique way to name your child after a family member — these names may get you started on the right path.

Naming customs

After a baby is born, Dutch parents have three days to officially register his or her name. One common custom in the Netherlands is that mom and dad give their baby a more formal name, perhaps to honor grandparents, while the child goes by a more informal — and more youthful-sounding — nickname.

We’ve included longer, more traditional names as well as shorter versions of some of the more popular names. Which names stand out to you?

Dutch baby names for boys

  • Aart: Short Dutch form of Arnold
  • Adriaan: Dutch version of Adrian
  • Bastiaan: Dutch short form of Sebastiaan
  • Braam: Shortened Dutch form of Abraham
  • Casper: Dutch version of Jasper
  • Christiaan: Dutch form of Christian
  • Ferdinand: Popular in the Netherlands
  • Gerard: Popular Dutch name
  • Gerben: This name means “spear, brave”
  • Ingaas: Dutch form of Ignatius
  • Jeroen: Dutch form of Jerome
  • Jochem: German and Dutch form of Joachim
  • Jozef: Dutch form of Joseph
  • Laurens: Popular name in the Netherlands
  • Maarten: Form of Martin
  • Marnix: From a Dutch surname
  • Servaas: From a Latin surname, Servatius
  • Sjors: Dutch version of George

Dutch baby names for girls

  • Anneke: Dutch version of Anna
  • Brigitta: This is the Dutch form of Bridget
  • Doutzen: A popular Dutch supermodel
  • Elke: Frisian version of Adelheid
  • Evelien: Dutch form of Evelina
  • Geertrudia: Dutch version of Gertrude
  • Gisela: Dutch form of Giselle
  • Heleen: Dutch version of Helen
  • Ilse: This pretty name is pronounced like Ilsa
  • Ima: Dutch form of Emma
  • Jacoba: Dutch feminine form of Jacob
  • Lotte: Popular short form of Charlotte
  • Malou: Popular name in France as well as the Netherlands
  • Myrthe: This name means “myrtle”
  • Petra: Popular feminine form of Peter
  • Sanne: Popular name in the Netherlands
  • Sterre: This name means “star”

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